Darrell Taylor of The Challenge names major threats, only person he trusts on Double Agents

darrell taylor of the challenge reveals biggest threats who he trusts on double agents
Four-time winner Darrell Taylor last appeared on The Challenge: Dirty 30 season. Pic credit: MTV

Among the top competitors in the history of The Challenge is Darrell Taylor, who was a winner in his first four appearances on the series.

He’s a Road Rules original, and despite his way-too-early exit on Dirty 30, Darrell’s returning for Season 36, aka Double Agents, and going for his fifth win.

In a new interview, Darrell recently talked about returning to the show and spilled some dirt about who he trusts and who he feels are threats on Double Agents.

Darrell names who he trusts the most on Double Agents

As part of an EW interview ahead of the Season 36 premiere, Darrell talked about getting eliminated quickly from The Challenge Dirty 30 season, saying he was having a few too many of the free drinks on the flight over. That led to him not being game-ready and getting ousted in an early elimination.

However, he’s now back after five years and is focused on winning bigger money than had ever been available in his previous seasons. With that said, he realizes the game keeps evolving and getting more competitive, with more of the players conniving.

He has one guy he trusts the most, and that is The Challenge veteran Leroy Garrett.

“The only person that I really trusted was Leroy because of the simple fact we see him twice a year, me and my wife, we go to Vegas a lot, but I’m pretty sure everybody hits Leroy up when they go to Vegas. He’s cool with everybody, so it’s kind of like, where do I stand? I know he said I was his No. 1 so I trust him,” Darrell told EW.

With that also came another potential person to trust in “Killer” Kam Williams, as she is in a fully-committed relationship with Leroy heading into Double Agents.

“So going in, I knew that I could trust him, and I guess Kam [Williams] because he’s with her to a certain degree, because at the end everybody’s trying to look out for themselves,” Darrell added regarding Leroy’s girlfriend.

Darrell also said he started to hang around some of the Big Brother players on The Challenge once he got “settled in” with the environment since they tend to be good with the social game.

Darrell’s biggest threats included one vet in particular

That saying “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” didn’t apply for Darrell going onto the show, as he knew there was one particular player he wanted to get rid of fast.

He named Wes Bergmann as that player, which makes sense based on how much Wes tends to work politics in the game. Last season saw him team up with Bananas, and he’s been known to strike up deals with rookies.

“So Wes was definitely a threat and any of the rookies that he could get his hands on or into their heads to make them vote a certain way for me. I was pretty paranoid,” Darrell said.

He also mentioned that he told Leroy during quarantine that they needed to get Wes out of the game as soon as they could.

“I’m talking to Leroy [Garrett] like, ‘Man, we’ve got to get Wes up out of here. Before he tries to come for me. I can’t relax!’ [Laughs] I was like, I’m not drinking in my room, I’m doing hella burpees, I’m getting ready. I was doing two-a-days, jump rope, skip rope, like oh man, just getting ready for that first elimination, just in case,” he mentioned.

In addition to all of that, Darrell teased that he was “smarter” on this edition of The Challenge than in the past, but also said there are so many twists and turns on Double Agents along with conniving competitors.

“These cats are not playing. They are real cutthroat compared to how I used to play the game with other cast members. Adding on the Big Brother people and Survivor, man, it has just changed a lot.”

Fans will get to see Darrell Taylor and other cast members in a preview on Monday, December 7, at 8/7c as MTV presents The Challenge: Double Agents Declassified special.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

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