Kam and Leroy of The Challenge reveal Double Agents strategies as a ‘fully-committed’ couple in new teaser video

kam and leroy the challenge double agents strategy in teaser clip
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett will enter Double Agents fully-committed to each other and winning. Pic credit: MTV

Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett could be a force to be reckoned with on The Challenge: Double Agents, as they may very well team up to turn the game on its head.

The two have shared an off-and-on relationship over the course of several seasons of The Challenge, but haven’t won the show. With Season 36, it seems they will take what they’ve learned from past seasons to try to reach the final and claim some big money.

MTV rolled out another teaser clip that gives more of the Double Agents cast’s personal interview bits – this time from Kam and Leroy of The Challenge as they talk about some of what they have planned.

Kam and Leroy are committed heading into Double Agents

On Friday, The Challenge social media accounts rolled out part of their interview bits from what appears to be the upcoming Double Agents special. It features Leroy and Kam discussing strategy for their latest attempt on the competitive show.

“Leroy and I are married,” Kam says into the camera as the clip starts, and then a record needle scratch sounds. “Nah, I’m just playing. We ain’t there yet,” Kam says as she laughs about it, but that notion seems closer to reality than before.

The two veterans of MTV’s The Challenge have a combined 15 appearances on the show, but the bulk of those are Leroy’s. He’s an 11-time competitor with four appearances in the final, yet no wins. Kam has been to four seasons of The Challenge with two appearances in finals so far.

Kam and Leroy seem pretty cozy as a couple in real life, having just moved to Houston, Texas together. That big news arrived after the filming of the latest installment of MTV’s show. Based on their interviews, it seems they’ll be teaming up on Double Agents due to their relationship.

“Right now, Kam and I are in a fully-committed relationship. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually committed to a relationship,” Leroy says as part of the clip, adding that it’s good for him.


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Kam and Leroy’s gameplan involves splitting up, staying safe

Kam has shown her ability to flip the game on its head before with some bold political strategies and power moves. However, she’ll still get feedback and advice from Leroy in Season 36.

“Our strategy is gonna be to allow both of us to take the lead in a way. I’m gonna listen to him. He’s gonna listen to me. We’re each other’s eyes and ears in the game, and he’s gonna be the only person that I can 100 percent trust in this game,” Kam says in the clip.

Trust will be a big factor in Double Agents, as there will be all sorts of plotting and scheming going on. It will be male and female partners for this game, with Rogue Agents also occurring. There’s an apparent twist to change or steal partners if a competitor opts to at certain points in the game. The Challenge is also known for alliances and backstabbing.


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Based on another part of their strategy, Kam and Leroy have decided that rather than being partners for Double Agents, it’s better to split apart and spread their votes around. As Leroy also mentioned, if they were a team, it would make them easier targets for competitors to try to get rid of. Viewers saw that on War of the Worlds 2, Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal became targets on their own team.

“My strategy is to do what I do best,” Kam mentions in the clip. “Win that elimination and stay safe in this game to make it to a final. Simple.”

The Challenge host TJ Lavin revealed during the Season 36 Super Trailer that competitors would once again need to get a Skull to make it to the final. However, unlike Total Madness, there will be a limit on how many Skulls there are to go around, with just 10 total.

One thing that fans of The Challenge already know is that this game can take a serious toll on individuals and wreak havoc on relationships. However, based on the way Kam and Leroy’s relationship is going, it seems this is a power couple to watch out for!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c.

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