The Challenge: Double Agents Super Trailer reveals Season 36 fights, hookups, and drama

Challenge Double Agents
The Challenge: Double Agents host TJ Lavin arrives on the scene. Pic credit: MTV

A lot of fans had been waiting for The Challenge: Double Agents Super Trailer, and now it has officially arrived with plenty of action-packed greatness.

The newest trailer checks in at three minutes and previews some of the drama and mayhem ahead on Season 36.

That seems to include more than a few blowups involving a certain competitor back for his fourth installment of MTV’s popular competition series.

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MTV unveils The Challenge: Double Agents Super Trailer

From the beginning of the new trailer, the tone is set that The Challenge Season 36 will heavily involve the concept of trust, lies, and deceit. After a fun skydiving intro, host TJ Lavin is shown walking forth in what looks like a scene from an action-packed movie as voice overs from the various competitors mentioning “targets,” “so shady,” and “can’t be trusted” with regard to the game.

At three total minutes, The Challenge: Double Agents Super Trailer gives plenty to digest, including a look at what could be a few hookups, some bad feelings between former romantic partners, and at least one person getting sent home for fighting.

There’s also a preview of many of the challenges themselves and some of the elimination events. For example, viewers learn competitors will be swimming – sometimes underwater. There will be a challenge involving being attached to a harness and hanging from a cliff area.

There also will be fiery explosions, large trucks, skydiving, tackling, solving puzzles, and what appears to be eating disgusting things.

Someone may be coughing up blood at an elimination event, which could mean the medics will be on the scene to assist.

Here’s a look at the new Double Agents Super Trailer as posted on The Challenge Instagram on Wednesday:


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Fights, hookups, and drama on the way

Just about every cast member is shown in scenes in the trailer, ranging from newcomers Lolo Jones, Nam Vo, and Amber Borzatro to veterans Aneesa Ferreira, Tori Deal, Cory Wharton, and Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Josh Martinez features prominently throughout the Super Trailer. The former Big Brother star is now heading into his fourth run at The Challenge. In the clip above, he appears to be confronting fellow Big Brother alum Fessy Shafaat and saying, “You think you’re the only big bad tough guy. Nobody’s scared of you.”

Fessy replies by yelling back at Josh, “You’re scared every season!”

In other scenes, it appears Josh is being held back by other competitors and even unloading some punches on a wall, so most likely, he’s still unable to keep those emotions in check.

As far as hookups, Fessy is also involved in one that has been part of online rumors with Gabby Allen. Amber M is also shown making out with a fellow competitor, which could be Mechie Harris.

There’s also veteran competitor Theresa Jones, who is back on the show. She’s now a wife and mother with kids. Jay Starrett is seen sitting next to her and comforting her as she’s in tears.

“Out of all people, why am I here with him?” Theresa asks before the next person shown is her ex, Wes Bergmann. They had a relationship during the Fresh Meat 2 season.

Jay is shown in a separate scene, saying, “If you wanna be real, step up and be real with me. Otherwise, what the f**k do you want?”

It’s unknown who he’s referring to, but CT and Darrell Taylor are shown in scenes possibly hearing him out.

Double Agents details include a new twist

On Total Madness, earning a Red Skull was the main goal for all competitors. The Red Skulls were actually a requirement to go into the final. However, to earn one required going into elimination and winning it. That meant there were times that competitors were actually lobbying to get sent in versus past seasons where competitors avoided elimination at all costs.

TJ Lavin revealed this season’s twist in the Super Trailer. There are only 10 Skulls available for the competitors to try to win their way into the final. This time around, they’re Golden Skulls instead of Red Skulls.

We learned weeks ago that Double Agents will involve male-female partners. It appears that after a competitor wins a Skull, they can choose to steal someone else’s partner to become their own. So that will add one interesting dynamic to a game where competitors already have trust issues.

Let the games begin!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres Wednesday, December 9, at 8/7c on MTV.

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