The Challenge Podcast details arrive with Tori Deal, Aneesa Ferreira to co-host episodes

The Challenge Podcast details arrive with Aneesa and Tori as co-hosts
MTV’s official The Challenge Podcast will feature details about the Double Agents season and more. Pic credit: MTV

Just ahead of the Double Agents season, MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast has launched with a preview featuring two of the show’s stars.

The podcast episodes will feature two fan-favorites from the reality competition series, Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira, as they will act as co-hosts, discussing all sorts of topics.

Tori and Aneesa have yet to capture a major win on The Challenge. Still, both ladies are very experienced in the competition and are familiar with its cast members, which should make for some interesting episodes.

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Tori, Aneesa reveal The Challenge podcast details

On Wednesday, December 2, Tori posted news about The Challenge Podcast on her Instagram page. She shared the podcast’s promotional image featuring her and fellow Double Agents cast member Aneesa Ferreira.

As part of her post, Tori asked people to check out the link and subscribe, also adding some praise for Aneesa and hype about what to expect with Double Agents.

“I feel honored to be Co-hosting the official Challenge podcast with my fav person ever @aneesamtv !!” Tori shared as part of her IG post caption.

“THIS SEASON IS GOING TO BE INSANE. Subscribe to the podcast to get all the inside scoop and behind the scenes info!!!” she added.


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Aneesa shared the same image as Tori on her official Instagram page. In Aneesa’s IG post caption, she also encouraged fans to subscribe to the new podcast.

“I’m beyond excited to announce that the @mtv official Challenge Podcast will be hosted by none other than my favorite human @tori_deal and myself,” she said in the caption.

“We are extremely happy and grateful to be a part of such a new and fun experience,” Aneesa added, also mention the podcast would bring “all the dirt from the new season of The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Podcast trailer, subscriber pages go live

With the reveal on social media, Tori also included a link to the official podcast webpage for Apple Podcast listeners. That page doesn’t feature any episodes just yet, but there’s a one-minute audio preview trailer.

“You already know that The Challenge is the most heart-pounding competition show on television,” Aneesa starts with.

“But do you ever wonder how Challenge competitors are selected, or which challenges were too dangerous for TV?” Tori asks in the audio clip.

Tori goes on to say, “You can learn all that and so much more on MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast.” They mention there will be exclusive details and dirt on the show that won’t be on other podcasts or shows.

Those other shows would seem to include the Challenge Mania Podcast hosted by veteran Challenge competitor and three-time winner, Derrick Kosinski.

In addition to having a home with iTunes and Apple Music, listeners will be able to check out MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast via iHeart Radio as episodes arrive. Aneesa and Tori also mention “wherever you get your podcasts” so there should be other options for listeners.

The Challenge podcast starts a day after Double Agents premiere

Many fans are waiting to see that premiere episode of The Challenge: Double Agents on MTV. It’s set to arrive on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. A recent sneak peek video showed cast members arriving at the latest home they’ll be living in during the show’s 36th season.

As for MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast, fans will need to wait until a day later to hear Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira break things down. The first official episode is slated to arrive on Apple Podcasts on Thursday, December 10, per the audio trailer.

Double Agents will mark Aneesa’s 14th season and Tori’s fifth. Both competitors have been to two finals on The Challenge but have yet to win the whole thing. Tori came extremely close during the recent War of the Worlds 2, getting eliminated during the final. However, her now former-fiance, Jordan Wiseley, was part of the winning team.

Now she and Aneesa will be back along with 28 other hopeful competitors, all vying for the big money on Double Agents. With the podcast, it should be very interesting to hear their thoughts on the various drama and events that unfolded in Season 36!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

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