The Challenge: Double Agents sneak peek video shows competitors moving into new home

the challenge double agents sneak peek video new home
The Challenge: Double Agents competitors find their Season 36 home. Pic credit: MTV

A brand new sneak peek video has arrived for The Challenge: Double Agents featuring the Season 36 competitors as they arrive at their latest accommodations.

In the clip, viewers learn that this season’s living situation will be much different from what The Challenge stars dealt with in Season 35, aka Total Madness.

This time around, it appears that their home will be much more comfortable and friendly than that forboding bunker they were kept in last season, which is a relief for the returning players.

New Double Agents sneak peek video revealed

With Season 36 called Double Agents, it’s hard to know what to expect from the twists and turns of The Challenge. However, it appears that the competitors will be able to enjoy themselves a bit more than they did in their Total Madness dwelling.

MTV’s The Challenge Instagram posted a sneak peek video earlier today. It shows Double Agents cast members including veterans Wes Bergmann, Theresa Jones, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and more, as they arrive at The Challenge house.

“The build-up and anticipation of this game is more so than anything I’ve ever seen in all of my history,” Wes says in an interview as part of the clip to hype things up.

From there, a procession of SUVs carrying The Challenge stars pulls up to their new home, showing the competitors as they rush to make their way inside. There’s clearly excitement on the players’ faces as they realize that this is an actual house they’ll be living in rather than a bunker.


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“It’s very modern. The lighting is very flattering. It’s got a bit of like a club vibe as well,” Tula “Big T” Fazarkley says to describe The Challenge 36 home in her interview bit.

Nicole Zanatta is making her return for a third Challenge as part of the Season 36 cast. The two-time finalist talked about how this home is revealing when it comes to the gameplay.

“It’s very, very open…and you really can’t hide. Everyone’s gonna see your little game. Your game talks,” Nicole mentions in her interview segment.

“I’m looking around at everyone here, and I’m wondering ‘how are we all connected?’” Aneesa Ferreira says in her interview piece. “What is this game? What are we getting into?”

The Challenge stars comment on Season 36 home

While the sneak peek video for The Challenge: Double Agents is less than two minutes long, it gives glimpses of some good vibes, for now.

Viewers get to see veterans like CT and Kyle Christie joking around as they get reacquainted. Cory Wharton, Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez marvel at having a full gym at their disposal. Aneesa gives a friendly hug letting a fellow competitor know she’s “glad to see her” again.

That is likely to change in the coming weeks as episodes of Double Agents unfold. This particular season will feature what appears to be male and female partners competing for the big prize money. There are also eliminations, strategizing, alliances, and those trademark twists The Challenge is known for.

A number of the Double Agents stars and previous Challenge competitors left their thoughts on the new sneak peek clip.

“The move-in scene always gives me chills,” Wes commented about the highlights from the early part of his latest season.

“Nice little upgrade from the bunker! ? LETS GO!” Kaycee Clark commented with regards to the accommodations on Season 36.

“Being in Iceland was enough for me already… they blew me away with the hospitality ? I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!” commented rookie Joseph Allen, who previously talked about how much he enjoyed the location for his first season of the show.

One thing’s clear, everyone’s all smiles and happy in this early clip, but as viewers have seen, the tone can start to change as The Challenge moves forth.

Time will tell what sorts of drama unfold on this Double Agents season, but at least the competitors will be living more comfortably than Total Madness!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

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