Kaycee Clark from Big Brother 20 still recovering from serious injury

Kaycee Clark Instagram
Kaycee Clark from Big Brother and The Challenge is trying to battle back from injury. Pic credit: @kcsince1987/Instagram

Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark is working through the recovery phase of a serious injury she recently suffered.

As Kaycee shared on her Instagram account, she suffered a ruptured patellar tendon.

For the former football player, it’s a really serious injury. It’s something an athlete never wants to go through, even if they aren’t currently playing any sports professionally.

What is a ruptured patellar tendon?

For readers wondering exactly what this injury entails, someone suffering from a patellar tendon rupture has experienced a tear of the tendon that connects the knee cap (patella) to the tibia. It typically requires surgery and plenty of recovery time.

In order to get full knee function back, it also requires physical therapy and a lot of effort by the injured person to get the muscles working to full potential again. For an athlete, it means a rough road to get back to the field of play.

And in Kaycee’s case, getting her knee back to functioning at full capacity will be necessary if she plans to return to future seasons of The Challenge on MTV. At the same time, there are a lot of Big Brother fans who would also love to see her return to the house.

Kaycee shares her recovery status on Instagram

There had been rumors that Kaycee had been hobbled, and she took to Instagram to confirm that she had indeed suffered a pretty bad injury. It has quickly led to rumors that she may have been injured on the latest season of The Challenge.

“When life throws you challenges all you can do is accept it, smile, and move forward. No time for a pity party over here! It’s inevitable that we will all go through ups an downs there is no way of escaping them. Learn to embrace the journey??,” Kaycee wrote in a caption for an Instagram photo that showed her leg in a brace.

She continued her caption by writing, “Where I’m at now is all apart of my life story and I’ve learned to have the right attitude even if it was something I wasn’t expecting. I know there is nothing but growth coming from this devastating injury. Getting through this takes a lot of mind strength and I’m here for it.” 


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Since posting about her injury, Kaycee has also shared a video as she tries to work on her exercise routine, despite having the brace on her leg that is designed to protect her knee and ligaments.

She captioned the video by writing, “3 weeks post op!” and “LETS GOOOOO!!!”

Kaycee then followed that up with two hashtags that read, “#rupturedpatellartendon #roadtorecovery.”

She has already received several posts of encouragement from former Big Brother houseguests as well as cast members of The Challenge, including Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler from the BB20 cast. They were in an alliance with her and Tyler Crispen that season.


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A new season of The Challenge gets started soon on MTV, so fans of Kaycee’s should definitely tune in for that. And as for Big Brother, the show will return with the BB23 cast next summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.