Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 15 tonight? Elimination results as final approaches

the challenge total madness episode 15
The Challenge: Total Madness competitors learn about their latest event in the game. Pic credit: MTV

As of The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 15, all of the competitors have Red Skulls and are qualified to run in TJ’s final.

Last week, Bayleigh and Kyle won in Purgatory to become the last two to get their skulls. However, while everyone has one, it doesn’t mean they’re all going to the final.

Crash Course challenge

The siren sounds in the bunker means it’s time for another challenge.

They get to the site, where TJ says a male and female competitor will get eliminated today.

In Crash Course, a competitor drives a car towards a series of tall barrels with other competitors standing on top of them wearing harnesses.

The goal is to speed down the roadway, pull the emergency brake, and crash into all the barrels, knocking down as many as possible.

Bananas knocked down 25 barrels on his attempt. Kyle gets zero as he brakes too soon and stops short of all the barrels. Nelson swerves to the side of them and also gets zero.

For the guys, Bananas wins this one easily. Both Kaycee and Bayleigh are close in terms of the ladies, but Kaycee wins it.

Johnny convinces Kaycee to bring Kyle into the Tribunal with them after she asks him to confirm Fessy will be safe.

Group votes bring the drama

Things get interesting here because nobody is trying to go into elimination to get a Red Skull. So now the group will be voting to try to get rid of other competitors.

Bananas, Kyle, and Jenny talk to others about sending Rogan in as a group vote. Rogan learns of it and nominates himself, saying he’s not afraid to go because he wants to win.

For the ladies, Jenny speaks first and says Dee, so Dee returns the favor. Melissa votes for Bayleigh, who votes back at her. Fessy chooses Dee.

Cory says Jenny hasn’t helped him when she needed to, so he votes for her. Nelson also chooses Jenny. It’s down to Rogan’s vote, and he confronts Jenny because she wanted to vote him in. She admits to it.

Jenny ends up as the female vote. She tries to tell Bananas and Kyle what went down.

Kyle calls out Melissa for not giving a vote to Dee. He tells her if Johnny or Jenny wants to put Melissa in, she’ll go in.

Tribunal chooses their nominees

The Tribunal has to choose two guys and two girls as potential nominees for Purgatory. For the ladies, they choose Dee and Bayleigh. For the guys, they choose Cory and Nelson.

It’s time for the interrogations. Dee had more screen time and speaking then in recent episodes, but still not much. Nobody argues with what’s going on, as it’s close to the final.

Nelson pulls Kyle and Bananas aside after the interrogation. He tells them to just put him in because Cory’s got a kid at home, and he needs to win more than him. That gains him respect from the two Tribunal guys.

Purgatory eliminations

Tonight, they’re playing the classic elimination game Hall Brawl.

The Tribunal sends in Dee versus Jenny and Nelson versus Rogan. Cory gives Nelson a hug after learning what he said to the guys.

Jenny absolutely destroys Dee to eliminate her in two rounds.

The guys have a much fiercer fight. Rogan takes the first round due to a mistake Nelson makes. In the second round, he seems to have a chance to sprint and stumbles along the way. Rogan wins it.

TJ announces that everyone else that is still there is heading to the final as the episode closes.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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