Who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 14 tonight? Double elimination results

the challenge total madness episode 14
Cory, Bananas, and Jenny await the latest decision for the competitors on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

It was on to another exciting week for the competitors on MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness. This week, three of the competing players still needed their Red Skull to qualify to run TJ’s Final.

Last week, Nany was eliminated as Melissa defeated her in Purgatory and earned a Red Skull. That leaves Bayleigh as the only girl without her Red Skull. Kyle and Josh are the only remaining guys who need a Red Skull.

The guys talked about how if it was a double elimination with guys and girls, then they would have to send in a female who has a Red Skull. The guys, particularly Kyle, said they’d probably try to get rid of Anessa because she’s “dead weight.”

Here’s a look at who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 14 and who got closer to running in and winning the final.

Competitors test endurance at night

In a surprise move, the sirens went off in the bunker at night as some competitors were preparing for bed and others were already sleeping. They suited up and met TJ at the latest location.

They competed in Running Out of Time, an individual competition. Competitors brought back as much heavy material from a pile to place into their enemy’s drum. They continue to do that until TJ sounds an alarm. After that, they have five minutes to get back and lift up their drum. Whichever man and woman hold up their drum longest forms the Tribunal.

It’s double elimination. One man and one woman are going home today, while one man and one woman will earn a Red Skull.

Josh, Cory, Nelson, and Fessy team up with a plan to get rid of Kyle, then Rogan and Bananas.

Once TJ sounds the horn, Nelson, Kyle, and Aneesa hadn’t made it back in time for Stage 2 to lift up their drums. They’re out.

Fessy wins the challenge for the guys after making a deal to bring Josh and Cory into Tribunal with him. Jenny wins it for the women. Fessy says he’s adding Cory to the Tribunal which upsets Josh because he wants to control his fate.

However, after a discussion goes on between Fessy and Jenny, they bring Josh into Tribunal based on Jenny saying so. That irritates Cory because he feels Jenny has done him wrong multiple times.

Elimination nominees bring difficult choice

The losing players vote for one guy and one girl to go into Purgatory. Kyle Christie and Bayleigh Dayton ask to be sent in by the group so they can try to earn their Red Skulls. That ends up being who the votes go to.

The Tribunal is Fessy, Jenny, and Josh.

They choose Rogan and Nelson along with Aneesa and Melissa to go into Interrogation. Josh said he’s definitely going in so it won’t matter who comes into talk to them.

It’s a tough spot for them to decide between Aneesa and Melissa. Aneesa makes a good case that they don’t always know what the final will involve and some of the people in the best shape have “died” during it.

Who went home from The Challenge tonight?

It’s time for Purgatory and to see who will go against Bayleigh and Kyle. Fessy votes for Melissa to go in, while Jenny chooses Aneesa. Josh has the deciding vote and sends in Aneesa.

Josh also sends himself down against Kyle, so one of them will get a Red Skull.

They compete in Knots of War. There’s a car for each competitor. Each player is connected to a rope. They climb in, out, and around the car to create a mess of knots. After 15 minutes, they trade cars. The first competitor to free their rope and drag it out of the circle wins.

Bayleigh defeats Aneesa to finally earn her Red Skull. For the guys, Josh folds under pressure and Kyle wins it.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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