Who got sent home from The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 13 tonight? Elimination brings major drama

the challenge total madness episode 13 tonight
Total Madness competitors await their latest challenge results. Pic credit: MTV

The competitors are getting closer by the week to the finale as The Challenge: Total Madness episode 10 brought more drama and another elimination in Purgatory.

Cory eliminated Swaggy C at the end of the last episode. That left Bayleigh without her man to help her cope with Total Madness. She admitted fear now that he’s gone, but also questioned her relationship with fellow Big Brother alum Kaycee.

It’s also a female elimination this week. Melissa, Nany, and Bayleigh still need a Red Skull to qualify for the final. Here’s who went home on The Challenge: Total Madness episode 13 elimination and who got that coveted Red Skull.

Blocc’d In challenge involves car puzzle

TJ reveals the Bloccd In challenge. In this one, competitors need to free a red car trapped amongst black cars. They do this by pushing black cars forward or backward around it to solve the puzzle.

One team has Bananas, Josh, Cory, Rogan, Nany, Aneesa, Jenny. The other team consists of Nelson, Bayleigh, Melissa, Dee Nguyen, Kaycee, Fessy, and Kyle.

The first team takes a while to get it together due to a lot of people yelling at once. Eventually, they get it done. The second team seems to work better at the challenge thanks to Bayleigh’s leadership.

One team won by 13 seconds, and it was the team featuring Nany, Rogan, Josh, Aneesa, Rogan, Cory, Bananas, and Jenny.

Elimination nominations put Kaycee in a tough spot

Things get dramatic on the losing side because Melissa and Bayleigh need Red Skulls. Kaycee is a deciding vote and Nany wants to go against Melissa. That upsets Bayleigh when Kaycee talks to her about it. Basically, Bayleigh and Kaycee were close on Big Brother but haven’t been working closely on Total Madness.

It’s time for the losing group to nominate someone. Nelson votes for Bayleigh because he’d want to run a final with her. Bayleigh votes herself. Fessy sticks with Bayleigh. Kaycee is the deciding vote as expected she chooses Bayleigh.

Melissa will go into Purgatory with a chance at her Red Skull.

Following the vote, Bayleigh begins to have a panic attack and talks to producers about leaving the show. Nelson and Kyle try to talk to Bayleigh. Nelson offers support and encouragement.

Later on, Johnny and Jenny talk to Bayleigh asking her why she didn’t fight for herself in the nominations. She admits she feels very hurt by Kaycee and they no longer have a friendship.

Who got eliminated in Purgatory?

The Tribunal picks Melissa, Kaycee, and Dee to interrogate. Dee continues to be rarely seen in the new episodes. Bayleigh blames Nany for the breakdown of her relationship with Kaycee. She walks out of interrogation after an argument. 

Later Kaycee confronts Bayleigh for suggesting they slept together and had a relationship on Big Brother. Bayleigh screams in her face and Nany gets involved.

Basically, things are set up in Nany’s favor to go right into Purgatory and face Melissa for her Red Skull with Bayleigh watching from the upper deck.

The elimination competition was Off With Your Heads. It involves wearing jumpsuits with five mini red skulls attached to them. The two competitors wrestle to get all five red skulls off their opponent first for the win.

They’re dead even for the first three skulls. However, Nany messed up on the fourth as she grabbed it after they fell out of the roped in the circle. Melissa goes ahead four to three.

With the advantage, she gets the win on the final attempt, sending Nany home to Bayleigh’s delight.

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