Dee Nguyen from MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness fires back at fans after Jenn Lee drama

dee nugyen from mtv show the challenge total madness
Dee Nguyen from MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness had a few messages for the haters. Pic credit: MTV

Dee Nguyen from The Challenge: Total Madness is firing back at a number of fans following what recently transpired on the show’s second episode.

It involved Dee not liking how her ex-boyfriend Rogan was flirting with newcomer Jenn West. That played into the elimination in Purgatory, where Dee had an opportunity to get rid of Jenn herself, but instead had her friend Jenny get the easy win.

Since the episode aired, both Jenn Lee and Dee Nguyen have posted on social media with references to what went down.

Dee Nguyen sends messages to haters

One of the highlights of Jenn’s speech at the elimination nominations was her saying “Greetings earthlings” to address all of the other competitors. That line came ahead of her giving the ridiculous speech Wes and others told her to write ahead of her impending nomination into Purgatory.

Of course, the rest is history as Jenn went into the elimination, and Dee was in the Tribunal which unanimously sent the super-strong Jenny West in to face her. Jenny got rid of Jenn in Purgatory for the show’s second elimination.

Soon after her elimination, Jenn Lee shared a message on her Instagram about “bullying” and empowering women.

Dee Nguyen has since responded to what may have been backlash she’s received for how she looked on the episode.

On her official Instagram, Dee sent a message to those who may dislike what she’s said. That could apply to online or on The Challenge shows.

“PSA ? Some of you all take things too seriously. If you’re offended by anything I say/do/post please unfollow. ? Go outside. Put your phone down. Look up. Hug a puppy. You’ll feel 10x better I promise. ? I am celebrating Feminism all of April. Let me know what that means to you,” Dee captioned a photo of herself with her dog.

That wasn’t Dee’s only post, though. In a separate IG post, Nguyen made sure to use the “earthlings” greeting that Jenn Lee used ahead of her speech.

“Hey all you cool cats and Earthlings,” Dee captioned a photo of herself in a bikini top with. “Chill out and listen to how pretty I think I am. Tag ur prettiest Earthling,” she added with an alien emoji for good measure.

Dee also appeared on The Challenge After Show several days ago, discussing her relationship with Jenny, Rogan, and of course, the Jenn Lee situation.

“This whatever they doing on Instagram or Twitter whatever saying I’m trash and all that, I don’t give a flying f—k,” she said with regards to how some fans responded to how she was on Total Madness.

Dee now has a rival in Jenn

Should MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness transition into another Rivals season next time around, it’s clear that Dee Nguyen and Jenn Lee will be quite a pair.

The two had just one episode of drama with plenty of arguing, and it was mostly due to Rogan.

Of course, ahead of all that, there will potentially be the Season 35 reunion show for Total Madness. It would be surprising if both Dee and Jenn aren’t featured on the reunion, even if one, or both, appear via satellite.

Of course, with the way things are going the entire reunion may feature cast members via live stream due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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