The Challenge Season 35, Episode 2 elimination: Who was sent home tonight on Total Madness?

the challenge season 35 episode 2 elimination
Johnny Bananas and Tori Deal on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

MTV’s The Challenge Season 35 is now two episodes deep — meaning two of the competitors have been eliminated.

The Season 35, Episode 2 title was “Sweet Dreams are Made of Dee” and it featured yet another crazy competition to figure out winners, losers, a Tribunal, and who was eliminated from the running for the big prize money.

Here are the latest results from The Challenge Season 35, Episode 2 elimination, including who was sent home.

New competition results and Tribunal forms

The competitors had a new challenge called Airdrop Extraction on this episode. It involved random teams consisting of three players. They had to transfer heavy military crates from one launch platform to another. Those were a mile apart. The top three teams to do it the quickest went to a second round.

In the second round, the teams boarded a helicopter and then made nine passes to bomb a target anywhere on the missile launch platform. The team that was most accurate in the bombing formed the Tribunal.

The team of Jordan, Jenny, and Wes easily outpaced the rest of the teams. They were the first team to get into the second round. The next qualifying team was Fessy, Kyle, and Melissa. The third team consisted of Swaggy C, Dee, and Cory.

The first group did horrible on their helicopter, only getting two of nine near the target. On the second helicopter, Fessy, Melissa, and Kyle hit seven of nine. However, Swaggy C, Cory, and Dee hit all nine of theirs. That meant they were the Tribunal.

Nominations for elimination

All of the losing players voted for one female competitor to go into elimination. Unfortunately for Jenn Lee (The Amazing Race), most of the other females didn’t favor her and she was easily voted in.

Since Jenn was considered a layup in terms of being smaller in build, it also meant a lot of the other female competitors wanted to get put in for elimination. That was so they could earn their red skull on the helmet in easy fashion by eliminating a “weak” competitor.

A bit of arguing ensued between Jenn and Dee, mostly due to Rogan’s interest in Jenn. Jenn said she knew Dee was campaigning against her behind her back. Jenn accused Dee of watching her while she was asleep to see if she had gone to see Rogan.

The Tribunal voted in three females as possible nominations for elimination. Cory chose Jenny as a favor to her. Dee and Swaggy agreed that Tori was their second pick and Big T was their third pick.

Each of the nominees got to speak to the Tribunal in an interrogation. Dee and Tori went back and forth a bit about having made a deal. Ultimately, Dee said she’d stick with the plan. Cory agreed.

Who was sent home on Total Madness Episode 2?

Show host TJ Kavin revealed the biggest twist in Challenge history in the first episode. Competitors need to win an elimination to make it into the final. TJ told them he’s tired of people skating by.

The first elimination saw Asaf Goren eliminated by Jay Starrett.

At the second episode’s elimination, TJ dropped another twist on everyone. He informed them that the Tribunal also has the option to volunteer themselves to go into elimination if they want. That gave Dee a golden opportunity to take on Jenn if she wanted an easy elimination win.

Dee told TJ she’s a woman of her word so she’s voting for Jenny. Most of the other competitors were shocked at that decision.

Swaggy C and Cory followed suit, so Jenny went in to face Jenn.

They played Flip the Switch. They each had to run down a line of barrels on poles and flip them up and over onto their opponent’s side. Jenn thought she had a chance to win.

Jenny destroyed the challenge due to her strength, while Jenn struggled at trying to flip just one. That means Jenny has the second red skull of The Challenge: Total Madness. Jenn goes home.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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