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Jenn from The Challenge 2020 reacts to elimination with message about bullying, empowering women

jenn lee reacts after her challenge elimination
Jenn Lee on MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

Jenn Lee from The Challenge 2020 edition on MTV is speaking out after her quick elimination from the Total Madness competition.

Lee, a former Amazing Race competitor, was involved in a bit of show drama due to Rogan’s attraction for her and his ex-girlfriend Dee Nguyen not taking kindly to it.

That, along with other female competitors not liking her, set things up for Jenn to become the second player sent home from MTV’s popular gameshow.

Jenn Lee eliminated after drama with Dee

The second episode of Total Madness was appropriately named Sweet Dreams are Made of Dee.

It was about Dee not liking Jenn and how she and Rogan were flirting. Rogan wanted Jenn to stick around, but Dee wanted her gone.

That made Dee the target for the nomination amongst all of the losing players. Wes even convinced her to write a speech to give at the nomination meeting, and it was horrible.

Jenn was an overwhelming nomination to go to elimination. She realized after the fact that Wes told her to give the speech on purpose.

Following the nomination, Jenn and Dee got into an argument. Jenn accused Dee of “campaigning” for her elimination. Jenn also accused her of watching her while she was sleeping to see if she’d possibly left the room to visit Rogan.

In the end, Jenn was sent home on Episode 2. Jenny got the easy win and a red skull on her helmet.

Jenn posts message on social media after elimination

Following the airing of The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 2, Jenn Lee took to her Instagram to share a video from the show.

The clip was just a simple one of Jenn after she lost, laughing and kissing goodbye to the other competitors.

However, the caption on the video referred to Jenn’s stance on bullying and the concept of empowering women today. It was most likely about what happened on The Challenge involving Dee and maybe other females not liking her.

“In this day and age, I think it’s incredibly important for women to support and empower each other. To be putting other women down for judgements based on what they look like, what they wear, or over a past relationship with a man is disappointing,” Jenn wrote in her caption.

“From personal experience, bullying is a real thing. I understand that not everyone needs to be friends, but simply be kind to one another,” Jenn said, finishing the caption with a #bekind hashtag.

Jenn was clearly a target on the show in the second episode. However, one has to wonder if it was for more reason than just looks.

Most of the female competitors realized that she was an easy opponent in Purgatory, and would help them get that necessary red skull to qualify for the final.

Ironically, Dee chose not to take a golden opportunity and go against her, instead, voting for her pal Jenny to get the easy win.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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