Fessy Shafaat’s ex-girlfriend comments about The Challenge: Double Agents cheating rumors

fessy shafaat ex girlfriend comments on the challenge cheating rumors
Former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat has been shaking things up on and off-screen through the first several episodes.

Not only did he and his partner win several big events, but Fessy showed an interesting side to himself in the fourth episode that had lots of people talking.

That included Double Agents cheating rumors which popped up involving Fessy and several castmates. His ex-girlfriend, who he met during Big Brother, is also speaking out about her side of the story.

What happened on The Challenge: Double Agents?

In the recently-aired fourth episode of Double Agents, viewers saw some interesting scenes involving Fessy Shafaat. He was shown hanging out in the hot tub with teammate Aneesa Ferreira and an ally, Tori Deal, in one scene.

He praised Tori for being a strong competitor, and then during a confessional interview, talked about enjoying the fact he could finally get to know her. He said he couldn’t really during Total Madness since she was with Jordan all the time.

Despite Fessy saying he thought Tori is “good looking,” he also points out during his interview that Tori is engaged to Jordan Wiseley, so he won’t disrespect that.


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At the time of the show’s filming, Tori and Jordan’s engagement still appeared to be intact, based on what is being presented outside of the show. Tori and Jordan announced their split to the public on Instagram in late November, just ahead of the Double Agents premiere episode.

That aside, after MTV released a Double Agents Episode 4 teaser clip showing the Fessy and Tori hot tub scene and interview comments, Tori maintained that she “didn’t cheat on Jordan.”

Fessy isn’t shown hooking up with Tori in the episode, but he is shown focusing his attention on rookie castmate Gabby Allen instead. The two have a flirty conversation while out at the club, with Gabby seeming to admit she finds him attractive in a side interview.

Based on the previous trailers or teaser clips for the season, Fessy and Gabby appear to be kissing one another at one point.

Fessy’s ex speaks out about cheating rumors

It was during Big Brother 20 that Fessy met castmate Haleigh Broucher, whom he began dating on the show, and continued dating after the season ended. Apparently, their relationship lasted from the summer of 2018 until July 2020. As of that time, it was reported that Fessy and Haleigh broke up.

However, it’s believed they may have been trying to work things out as Fessy was heading off to appear on The Challenge: Double Agents and that Haleigh believed that was still the case while he was away.

Haleigh recently went onto her Patreon to talk about the cheating rumors, which involve speculation that Fessy cheated on her during the show’s filming.

Several fan accounts captured screenshots of her comments (below), which includes talk about her relationship situation.

“Up until a phone call I got at the end of October, I was in a relationship. I was in love. I was not dating. I was not entertaining others. I got new pillows because my partner didn’t like the last ones. I had planned a spot big enough for us both to be, a 2-car garage, and an extra place for a Tv because he always had his games too loud. We never agreed for him to move, but we agreed that we needed more space together than a small apartment so I was creating it,” she shared.

haleigh boucher the challenge fessy cheating rumors
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Twitter

Haleigh also revealed she was under the impression they’d be working on their relationship once he’d finished with filming and that she’d be picking him up on the 30th.

“I had gotten groceries with his favorite meals and was ready to go pick up my partner on the 30th so we could start our real life. This was all discussed and all agreed on. I didn’t make this up. I knew my relationship was not perfect, but we had agreed to fix it and work on it after he showed up at my apartment before he left. We agreed to tell everyone we were fixing it. The first steps were just getting him home and then we were going from there,” she shared on Patreon.

Haleigh mentions weekly calls during the show’s filming

Haleigh also alleges that Fessy made weekly phone calls to her “filled with love” while he was filming The Challenge. Broucher says because of that, she “had no reason to assume anything had changed” in terms of their relationship situation.

“I’m not trying to paint anyone into anything they aren’t. I quite frankly don’t care if anyone believes anything, or what you think of me because at the end of the day, him, myself, and God all know the truth and that alone is enough for me,” Broucher also shared.

She went on to tell fans to stop “creating false scenarios” about what happened and that it is “black and white.”

“Move on. Give it up. Stop harassing me. Entertain yourself with his new life and leave mine alone,” she said.

She also shared a message about her ex saying, “I wish I could say I wish him the best, but I don’t and I never will.”

Most likely, this particular story involving Fessy is far from over, as there may be plenty of dirt on the way via social media or perhaps during a Double Agents reunion show?

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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