Tori Deal comments about recently-revealed Double Agents footage: ‘I never cheated on Jordan’

tori deal comments on recently revealed double agents footage
The Challenge’s Tori Deal is telling fans she didn’t cheat on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Tori Deal has commented after seeing the recently-revealed footage from the ongoing Double Agents season, which appeared to have revealed her in an on-screen romance while engaged.

However, Deal maintains that she didn’t cheat on her fiance, Jordan Wiseley, despite what it may look like in the latest teaser video.

Tori says that it was the way the footage was edited and not how it appears from the way viewers see things.

Tori Deal comments on Double Agents clip

Earlier today, Monsters & Critics reported about the new Double Agents teaser clip, which shows The Challenge castmates Tori Deal and Fessy Shafaat in a hot tub with castmate Aneesa Ferreira having a conversation.

In the footage, Fessy admits in a confessional interview that he’s enjoying finally getting to know Tori Deal. He says he didn’t really get a chance to in his rookie season. He mentions that at the time of that show, Total Madness, she was with Jordan and talking to Jordan, so Fessy couldn’t really talk to her. Fessy also admits she’s “a good looking woman.”

In a separate confessional interview from castmate Cory Wharton, he’s saying how Tori is engaged to Jordan, so this situation with Fessy “isn’t looking good.”

After the clip arrived online, Tori took to her Instagram Story to post her thoughts about it all and how it looks so far.

“Uhmmm…I see how this is all being edited…but just because Fessy admits he’s attracted to me doesn’t mean I cheated…I never cheated on Jordan. So everyone needs to chill out,” she wrote on one slide.

tori deal comments on double agents footage 1
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram Story

Tori thanks supporters, says she’s ‘mentally strong’

In a separate Instagram Story slide, Tori thanked her supporters and commented that she’s “mentally strong enough” to be able to “handle all of this bulls**t.”

“After 4 years of reality TV you grow some thick**s skin. I know my truth and who I am. I could go deeper into detail about everything but I don’t have to prove anything to people that already have their minds made up about me,” she said.

“I’mma enjoy my life while y’all keep watching,” Tori finished her comments with.

tori deal comments about new double agents footage
Pic credit: @tori_deal/Instagram Story

The recently-released Double Agents footage shown in the new teaser clip had yet to air as of this report but seems like it could be part of Episode 4, which arrives on Wednesday, January 6.

Tori’s comments arrive as there may have been some backlash from some fans accusing her of cheating on then-fiance Jordan Wiseley during the filming of Double Agents. The couple officially confirmed their breakup ahead of the Double Agents season.

Based on her comments, it seems that isn’t the case, so it will be interesting to see what other footage in the upcoming season shows between Tori and Fessy and if there’s any other mention of Tori’s then-fiance, Jordan.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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