The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 recap: Who went home and who won a Gold Skull?

male competitors race in a daily mission on the challenge double agents
Male competitors race to a mud pit on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 starts, the competitors had arrived back to the house with Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams celebrating him getting his Gold Skull.

In the prior episode, Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett went into elimination. It was a guy’s day, so Jay was up for elimination. Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark were the Double Agents.

Leroy volunteered himself to go into elimination and defeated Jay to earn the fourth Gold Skull for the male competitors. Jay was sent home, and Theresa became partners with Cory Wharton.

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Competitors strategize about elimination and Skulls

Kam and Leroy talked about the idea of sending in Theresa Jones or Lolo Jones for the next female elimination.

Rookies Lolo and Nam Vo also discussed strategy. Nam told Lolo that he trusts Leroy and Kam. Lolo told Nam she doesn’t really work with them. Lolo also realized she’s being prevented from getting her Gold Skull.

Chris “CT” Tamburello stopped by to tell Nam and Lolo they need to win a daily mission, throw themselves into elimination and get Gold Skulls. In his confessional, CT talked about being frustrated with his partner and not having a chance at his Skull, just like Lolo is frustrated.

Devin Walker, Kyle Christie, Cory, Leroy, and Mechie Harris talk about how only one Gold Skull is left for the guys. They discussed the idea of sending Fessy Shafaat into elimination against his ally Josh Martinez.

All Brawl is the next daily mission

TJ Lavin introduced the next mission called All Brawl, which featured a mud pit. Groups of five competitors at a time rushed into the pit to search for an iconic Challenge relic. The agent who could find the relic and move it out of the pit first would win and advance to the next round.

Kam won the first female heat. However, during the battle in the mud pit, Lolo took exception to Aneesa Ferreira’s gameplay and accused her of choking her. Lolo got into Aneesa’s face over it but eventually calmed down.

Nam got a big win in the first men’s heat by playing dumb like he couldn’t find the relic. He suddenly emerged from the pit with it and ran to the safety spot with no contact from others.

Gabby Allen won the second girls’ heat, which surprised her partner Devin. In the second guys’ heat, CT picked up the win.

It came down to CT versus Nam and Gabby versus Kam in the second phase. CT won against Nam, and Kam got the win against Gabby.

For the final round, it was CT and Big T versus Kyle and Kam. Both teammates needed to win. CT is upset that he may have to keep going against Kyle to win until Big T could win against Kam. However, Kyle and Kam each won on their first attempt, so they became Double Agents.

House deliberation for elimination votes

Competitors didn’t know if it would be a male or female elimination day, making the voting trickier. Amber M and Mechie Harris felt they might be targets for the house vote, though.

Kam and Kyle talked about using their power to help friends or get rid of some enemies. Kam told Kyle that Nany Gonzalez and Josh Martinez approached her and want to go in against Amber and Mechie.

Kyle presented that they should put Aneesa and Fessy into elimination again. Kam didn’t think it’s smart to upset the Big Brother alliance. During the cast’s night at the club, Kyle tried to convince other competitors to vote in Aneesa and Fessy. He also told Amber M. that he and Kam would send in whoever didn’t vote that way.

Back at the house, Big T and Amber B. talked privately about who to vote for. Amber M. showed up to talk with them. She revealed during her confessional interview she wasn’t trusting Amber B. so much.

Kyle and Kam went into the secret room to see which agents the house voted in. Kyle told Kam that Amber B. came to him earlier and said she would vote for Amber M. and Mechie. She asked Kyle not to tell anyone about her vote.

During the episode, viewers never saw who the house voted for on the screen or the agents that voted them in. Only Kyle and Kam saw that information.

In another segment, Aneesa talked to Lolo and apologized for the earlier incident during the daily mission.

Gold Skull winner and who got sent home

At The Crater, TJ revealed who the compromised agents were. The majority vote went to Amber M. and Mechie. As Double Agents, Kyle and Kam chose to send in Nany and Josh.

It’s Asset Destruction 2 and a guys’ elimination day. This time the guys had to solve a puzzle before pulling their giant crate of weighted balls over to throw at targets. The first player to destroy all their targets would win and get the last men’s Gold Skull.

Josh solved his puzzle quickly and pulled his crate of weighted balls over. However, he struggled to break any targets, which brought plenty of laughs from the competitors watching.

Mechie continued to struggle to figure his puzzle out. Finally, Josh got it together. He started to break targets and eventually got them all. Josh won the last men’s Gold Skull, and Mechie is eliminated.

Josh got to choose if he wanted to trade partners, but he said he was sticking with Nany. Amber M. became a Rogue Agent. TJ informed the men there are no Gold Skulls left, so now guys who don’t have them have to try to steal them.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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