Mechie Harris on The Challenge: What to know about Double Agents rookie from Ex on the Beach

mechie harris on the challenge what to know about ex on the beach star on double agents
Rookie Mechie Harris appears on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

With the Double Agents season, fans will get to see the debut of rookie Mechie Harris on The Challenge, after he was previously a star on the Ex on the Beach series.

Mechie brings a unique personality to the show as he is an R&B artist, and at one point was involved in headlines because he was linked to Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend.

Now he’ll be competing for some serious prize money on The Challenge: Double Agents. His motivation includes winning money to help his mother and take care of his siblings.

Here’s what else there is to know about Mechie as he joins one of the toughest reality competition shows on television.

Mechie was on Ex on the Beach 3 with Challenge stars

The 27-year-old Demetrius “Mechie” Harris is from Washington, D.C., and previously appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach 3 (US) season in 2019.

That show involves famous singles going to a tropical island with a shot at finding love. The twist comes when their exes arrive and typically, drama ensues. However, cast members can choose to rekindle things with their exes or move on. During the show, Mechie’s exes were Danielle Clark and Kellie Sweet.

However, he also had hookups with Kenya Scott, Shannon Duffy, and Ariana Nova. Basically, Mechie is popular with the ladies.


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A post shared by Mechie So Crazy (@mechiesocrazy)

His appearance on the show links him to a fellow Double Agents competitor already, as one of the other castmates was Devin Walker-Molaghan. Devin was amongst the exes for Real World: St. Thomas and Challenge cast member, Marie Roda, on the show.

Both Devin and Marie seem to be friendly with Mechie based on commenting on his IG post above. That could help him in his debut season, as he and Devin could decide to form some sort of alliance or gameplan on Double Agents.

Mechie was linked to Rob Kardashian’s ex, leaked video

Mechie had his name in the headlines as he dated Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna in 2017. When Mechie dated Chyna, he even got a “BC” tattoo behind his ear and Chyna seemed to show off her relationship with him often, possibly to taunt Rob.

In 2018, TMZ reported that Mechie was part of a leaked sex video involving Chyna. Per TMZ, Mechie confirmed he was the guy in the leaked video of Blac Chyna performing oral sex and that he had recorded it. However, it was allegedly recorded on Chyna’s phone, and Mechie said he never had a copy of it, so he wasn’t sure how it leaked.

Keep in mind, this all happened before he went on reality TV with MTV’s Ex on the Beach 3. Now, he’ll be a rookie on The Challenge: Double Agents along with Amber Borzotra, Gabby Allen, Amber M, Nam Vo, and others.

Mechie’s discography includes Wake Up, Like Dat

Mechie might be a ladies’ man due to his looks and style, but being able to sing, may help quite a bit too. He’s recorded a number of R&B songs, and they’re actually not all that bad.

On the Apple Music listing for Mechie So Crazy, he’s got several singles including Like Dat, Skrt Skrt, and Thick, Thick. In 2019, he released the singles Wake Up and Wanna Be Your Man.

In 2019, he also released a music video for Wanna Be Your Man (below) which he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

On a MechieSoCrazy listener profile for Apple Music, it appears he’s enjoying music from Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Where to find Mechie on social media

On his official Instagram profile, Mechie is @MechieSoCrazy and refers to himself as “That R&B guy” in his bio. He posts a lot of selfies, videos of him dancing solo or with others, promotional posts for his music, and clips of his athletic abilities. He currently has over 500,000 Followers.

In one video post, he provided some highlights from his participation in a charity basketball game.


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A post shared by Mechie So Crazy (@mechiesocrazy)

Mechie also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the late Nipsey Hussle, as he shared in a post which included a selfie of he and Nipsey.

There’s also the SoCrazyTV YouTube channel, where Mechie has a following of 258,000 people and shares a variety of vlogs and entertaining videos.

He’s on TikTok, Snapchat, and several other platforms, which are shown on his Linktree page.

Fans can also check out Mechie Harris of The Challenge on his official Twitter page, where he shares details about his latest music and just might be tweeting during episodes of Double Agents.

Based on his background story, it seems Mechie will be an interesting competitor to keep an eye on when Season 36 goes forth!

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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