The Challenge: All Stars mid-season trailer previews missions, eliminations, and drama ahead in final episodes

nehemiah clark during the challenge all stars elimination event
Nehemiah Clark at The Arena for an elimination event in The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

Time flies when you’re having fun as half of The Challenge: All Stars season is already over. However, there are more episodes on the way for the OG spinoff series, and it looks like they’ll pack in quite a bit more of the drama, competitive intensity, and surprising moments.

A mid-season trailer officially arrived following All Stars Episode 5 featuring the blood, sweat, and tears of various competitors ahead of that $500,000 final.

While cast members have been put to the test by host TJ Lavin, the trailer showcases more of what’s to come in an already highly entertaining season on Paramount+.

The Challenge: All Stars midseason trailer features more missions, eliminations

With the first batch of episodes of The Challenge: All Stars, viewers got to see the fun times along with competitions from the longtime stars of MTV’s reality shows including The Real World and Road Rules.

Those good times have continued in new episodes, but there has also been an uptick in the drama and unrest among the cast members. The game keeps changing as the powerful Lifesaver was wiped out and a new TJ twist arrived for eliminations.

Just four episodes remain for the spinoff series with TJ’s final still to come. Based on the mid-season trailer (below), competitors will be breaking alliances or friendships all for their best shot to win the solo prize of $500,000.

In the video, there are quite a few noticeable tidbits. That includes Katie Cooley saying, “I feel like a complete dirtbag,” as a side-by-side photo is shown of Kellyanne Judd.

Another pair of castmates is possibly hooking up based on a very quick scene. Is Aneesa Ferreira going to find love in the All Stars house?

Derrick Kosinski is seen wearing a bloodied bandage wrapped around his head. It’s unknown if that’s from an injury sustained in competition or something else.

In addition, various competitors are shown potentially facing elimination. They include Kendal Sheppard, Nehemiah Clark, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and Jisela Delgado. Nehemiah and Big Easy seem to have a bit of back and forth jawing at one another during the cast’s night at the bar in one scene. That could foreshadow the two going head-to-head at The Arena.

It also doesn’t appear that the All Stars were going to skate through this season without having to down some disgusting food or drink. Even the OGs get to participate in that Challenge tradition.

Check out the footage below, which very likely includes scenes from The Challenge: All-Stars final.

Twist turned the game upside down, TJ’s final is ahead

As of All Stars Episode 5, the OG competitors face double-elimination events at the end of the episodes. This means the worst-performing male and female competitors from the daily challenge automatically go into elimination at The Arena.

In all of the episodes so far, everyone else except the male and female captains of the winning team had to vote for which competitor went into the elimination. Ahead of the next episode, it’s unclear how that voting will work.

Will everyone be working in pairs from here on out? Will cast members get to vote for one male and one female during the meetings, or will that happen at The Arena? Things will probably heat up quite a bit.

It brings an interesting dynamic to the game that should keep everyone on their toes. Most importantly, it focuses on the main goal of The Challenge, which is to win and survive to compete in the final.

The next episode of The Challenge: All Stars is Episode 6, which will arrive on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The final three episodes release on May 13, 20, and 27. The final episode, Episode 9, should feature TJ’s final unless it’s a two-part event like The Challenge: Double Agents.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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