The Challenge’s Nehemiah Clark reveals if he could defeat Fessy Shafaat in Hall Brawl

nehemiah clark during the challenge all stars episode 3
Nehemiah Clark said he wants to do a physical elimination like Hall Brawl on The Challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Hall Brawl elimination has been a longtime favorite for many of The Challenge fans and during the Double Agents season, viewers saw it appear more than a few times.

It’s appeared in previous seasons of The Challenge as well, but it’s an event that All Stars competitor Nehemiah Clark has never competed in.

During a recent podcast show, Nehemiah spoke about how he thinks he’d do against Double Agents star Fessy Shafaat if they were in a Hall Brawl together.

Keep in mind this report will have spoilers up through The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 18 and the The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3.

The Challenge’s Fessy Shafaat is undefeated in Hall Brawl

When competitors clash in the Hall Brawl elimination, size is usually everything. The 6-foot-5 Fessy has plenty of that on most of the other competitors, and in two Hall Brawls during the Double Agents season, he seemed to dominate.

Early in the season, he volunteered to go into the event against friend Nelson Thomas and won in two rounds. Fessy effectively kept Nelson down and then raced to the other side of the hall to press his button first. There was talk of an injury on Nelson’s part, but it was clear that Fessy had a decent size advantage.

That was also the case when he went back into elimination late in the season against Kyle Christie. While Kyle’s an impressive competitor in his own right, he didn’t really match up well with Fessy in the Hall. Fessy smashed right into Kyle in the first round as if it was part of an old college football drill.

Despite an attempt to hold onto Fessy’s leg from the ground. Fessy pulled away and walked over to press his button to win the first round. Kyle ended up with a broken finger and was unable to continue competing.

It moved Fessy to 2-0 overall in Hall Brawl eliminations and 3-0 in total eliminations between his two seasons of The Challenge. His dominance so far in the Hall has many fans questioning which competitors might do best against him.

All Stars’ Nehemiah comments about battling Fessy in elimination

Nehemiah Clark of The Challenge: All Stars was a recent guest on Reality NSFW podcast. He talked about Episode 3 of the spinoff show, which had a major focus on him as a competitor.

After winning the trivia challenge in Episode 2, Nehemiah won the Lifesaver but didn’t use it to save anyone. In Episode 3, he was captain of the losing team in the daily challenge, Melt Away. Since it was a men’s elimination day, it meant he was automatically going into elimination.

He went against former Real World: Hawaii star Teck “Money” Holmes, who had trash-talked him during the daily challenge. The two battled in Out of Tile for their elimination event. It involved smashing through specific colored tiles that were on the sides and ceiling of a box structure. That part came after consuming two Carolina Reaper peppers for some extra fire.

While it was pretty close, Nehemiah got it done ahead of Teck, winning the elimination to stay in the game. It moved Nehemiah’s overall Challenge eliminations record to 4-3, counting regular seasons and the spinoff.

During his time on Reality NSFW podcast, they discussed the elimination and Nehemiah said in his Challenge history he’s never done a “physical elimination” in a head-to-head format but seems up for it.

Podcast host Jonny Fairplay asked the 35-year-old Nehemiah if he wants to be involved in a Hall Brawl elimination.

“I want all of it,” The former Real World Austin star shared, since he’s yet to have a true head-to-head physical event.

Fairplay followed up by asking if he thought he could take Fessy Shafaat in Hall Brawl, and Nehemiah was sincere in his answer.

“No. You know I think certain games, no matter what your strategy is, you’re not going to be able to do it,” he said, but added, “I think I have a better chance against him in a Pole Wrestle.”

To Fessy’s credit, his only other elimination win came in Pole Wrestle against Jordan Wiseley during the Total Madness season. Nehemiah realizes there are more strategies available to have a chance in that event, rather than Hall Brawl.

Fans would probably love to see at least one of the OG competitors go against Fessy too. Based on All Stars, some of them, including Nehemiah, might give the Double Agents star a serious battle.

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