Who went home in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3? Elimination includes another TJ twist

the challenge all stars cast during episode 3 melt away
The Challenge: All Stars cast arrive for Melt Away during Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Leave it up to TJ Lavin to increase the intensity on The Challenge: All Stars, as the reality competition show host made sure the competitors some extra fire in them at elimination.

In All Stars Episode 3, viewers saw the OG competitors revisit a previous challenge from back in the day involving large ice blocks and lots of grinding motions.

While one team thought they won, a few issues cost them. Some post-event trash-talking set up the latest elimination and a competitor also contemplated using the Lifesaver for the first time in the game.

The Challenge brings back Melt Away, team makes costly mistakes

Melt Away was the latest game for The Challenge: All Stars cast, as they were split up into five teams of four players each. There were two men and two women on each team. Each team also had to choose a male and female captain.

Each team had a station with two large ice blocks. They had to do what they could to use their bodies to rub against the ice and melt the blocks down to get shields frozen inside. The shields had names of previous Challenge seasons on them. Once the competitors had all of their shields, they had to place them into chronological order by season on a large board. The team to finish it fastest would win.

TJ revealed before things started that there was a five minute penalty for each shield a team broke. He also revealed it was a men’s elimination day, meaning the team that did worst, would automatically have their male captain going into elimination.

The competitors did their best to rub, grind, and melt away at the ice, but none of the teams had recovered any shields after a long time. TJ blew the horn to stop them and said he would give each team a small hammer. One competitor from each team got to use that hammer to smash or chip away at the ice until they could retrieve shields.

Jemmye Carroll was part of the gold team that included Beth Stolarczyk, Mark Long, and Alton Williams. Jemmye said in confessional that she knew all the seasons in order very well. That helped her team as they quickly finished first. However, TJ later revealed they broke two of their shields, giving them a 10-minute penalty against their time.

That meant the silver team got it done the quickest. Their team consisted of Darrell Taylor, Syrus Yarbrough, Kellyanne Judd, and Kendal Sheppard. As the team captains, Darrell was safe from elimination, while Kendal received the Lifesaver.

The copper team featuring Jisela Delgado, Katie Cooley, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, and Nehemiah Clark finished last. Their time ran out to complete the mission, so team captain Nehemiah was automatically going into elimination.

After that team lost, Teck “Money” Holmes did some playful trash-talking towards Nehemiah. It put a target on Teck for an irritated Nehemiah to ask to go against him in elimination.

Who went home from All Stars Episode 3 elimination?

Ahead of the nomination meeting, Mark told Nehemiah he wanted Teck. However, at the meeting, Teck spoke up ahead of anyone else and said he would volunteer to go in. He wasn’t upset and received respect from some of the others for making that move.

Later at night, the cast went out to a nearby restaurant and bar to party a bit. Kendal discussed the Lifesaver option with some of her castmates including Ruthie Alcaide, Nehemiah, and Kellyanne. Jemmye and Nehemiah discussed the possibility of Kendal replacing Teck with Big Easy, to get rid of him. Jemmye said she wouldn’t want to be partnered with him for any events this season.

Others got wind of Kendal power tripping with the Lifesaver and started to become on edge at the bar. However, at The Arena she asked what would happen if she used the Lifesaver. TJ told her “only one way to find out,” and Kendal decided not to use it.

It was Teck vs. Nehemiah competing in an event called Out of Tile. The two competitors started the game standing in a small rope circle. When TJ blew the horn, they had to rush over to a large box with copper and silver tiles on it. Each competitor had to smash through their specific color tiles on the sides and ceiling. The first one to do that and get back to their rope circle won.

teck holmes nehemiah clark in the challenge all stars episode 3 elimination
Teck Holmes and Nehemiah Clark battle in Out of Tile elimination during All Stars Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Just as they were ready to start, TJ stopped them and said he had something else. In an extra twist, he pulled out a bag with some Carolina Reaper peppers inside. TJ told Teck and Nehemiah they each had to consume two peppers before they could begin. Both guys were able to eat them, but there was definitely some puking and painful facial expressions.

The horn blew to start. Teck and Nehemiah raced to the inside of the large box and began punching through the sides to break tiles. They also had to break tiles on the roof area, requiring them to hang a bit off the ground and smash some tiles.

Both guys seemed in a tight race, but Nehemiah broke his tiles and got back to his circle first. Despite a dive move by Teck to get to his circle, he was the losing competitor and officially eliminated. Ruthie was upset in confessional to lose her former castmate and good friend but realized it’s the nature of the game.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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