Beth Stolarczyk from The Challenge compares All Stars to regular season, ready for Real World reunion

beth stolarczyk during the challenge all stars episode 1
Beth Stolarczyk during a confessional interview on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars brought OG competitors back to the screen who mostly got their starts on MTV’s Real World and Road Rules shows back in the day.

One of those competitors is Beth Stolarczyk who appeared on the second season of The Real World set in Los Angeles, California.

During a recent live video chat with her fans, Beth addressed many topics related to The Challenge and Real World. That included the possibility of a Los Angeles reunion and her going on the regular season of The Challenge.

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Beth is ready for The Real World: Los Angeles reunion

Before The Challenge: All Stars season even got started on Paramount Plus, another MTV-based reality series came to the network with The Real World Homecoming: New York.

The miniseries was a reunion for the cast of the first-ever Real World season, as most of them made their way back to stay at the original loft in New York. Only Eric Nies could not be there, as he participated virtually due to contracting COVID-19 before filming began.

Someone brought up the idea of having a reunion for Beth’s season during her recent Instagram Live Q&A session, and Beth seemed fully on board with that.

“I think if they’re going to do a reunion with The Real World Season 2 Los Angeles people, it should definitely be in Venice Beach at the original house,” Beth commented, adding it would be “like a vacation.”

“I wonder how everyone’s changed. Would we get along? I don’t know,” Beth said when speaking about it. She brought up whether or not she’s been in contact with castmates from her season.

She said she’d recently messaged on Facebook with the other Beth Anthony from her season but hasn’t seen Tami Roman “in 30 years”. Beth also said she missed Jon Brennan and that even though she didn’t have the best relationship with Dominic Griffin during their season, “it would be nice” to hang out again.

“I haven’t seen a lot of these people in a super, super long time,” Beth said with regards to her RW castmates.

From The Real World: Los Angeles cast, she’s the main OG who appeared on The Challenge the most, with seven seasons ahead of the All Stars spinoff.

She also went to the final in her first-ever appearance on the show, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, in 1999. That was the second season of The Challenge and featured castmate Mark Long on the winning team.

Beth comments on All Stars vs. regular Challenge season

Many fans have commented that The Challenge: All Stars spinoff on Paramount Plus has been better than the regular season of MTV’s Challenge. Beth agreed with that opinion when someone commented on it during her Instagram Live.

“Yeah it is better than the regular Challenge,” Beth said, adding, “It is better because we’re going back to the roots with all of the original OGs. It’s more fun!”

“Hopefully there will be a Season 2 coming your way after this is over,” Beth added, which is something plenty of fans would love to see, as more of the OGs could then make their way back to the screen.

Beth also said she’d love to return for that second season, especially when someone mentioned Eric Nies said he’d want to appear on the OG spinoff.

Beyond that, the 52-year-old Beth Stolarczyk feels she could not only be a competitor on the All Stars show, but even the regular seasons on MTV.

“Hey, you know, being on these Challenges most of the time, people do not like me, and they’re out to get me. So, on those old Challenges, yeah, it was definitely fun beating the other girls that were coming after me for no reason. But yeah, that was fun. It would be super fun to do that now to see if I was still good at that,” she said.

Fans would certainly be interested to see how Beth would fare against the competitors on the newer seasons of the show. Based on Mark Long’s vision, there may even be another spinoff show in the future featuring the OGs against the newer stars, so stay tuned for that.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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