Darrell Taylor of The Challenge explains big decision he made in Double Agents Episode 11

the challenge vet darrell taylor during double agents aftermath show
Darrell Taylor explained his big decision from Episode 11 on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show. Pic credit: MTV

With certain alliances stronger in numbers than others on The Challenge: Double Agents, it’s made it difficult for certain sides to seize control of the game. In Episode 11, one alliance had a chance to make a power move, but unfortunately couldn’t pull it off.

Following the episode, some of the competitors involved in key moments during Episode 12 appeared on the Double Agents Aftermath show with Devyn Simone.

That included Challenge OG Darrell Taylor, who tried his best to explain why he ultimately made the big decision he did during the episode.

Double Agents wanted to get rid of Big Brother star

For the Double Agents Episode 11 daily mission, a strong overall performance from Tula “Big T” Fazakerley during Air Lift helped carry her and Chris “CT” Tamburello to a dominant win. That meant they became the Double Agents power team. CT knew it was his chance to finally go into elimination and try to get his Gold Skull.

CT told various people in the house that he wanted to face “The Goof” in elimination, meaning Big Brother star Josh Martinez. Basically, CT felt he could get Josh’s Skull from him and eliminate him from the game.

Unfortunately, that meant CT would need numbers in the house to vote how he and his alliance wanted. He knew several competitors would vote how he said, including Devin Walker, Gabby Allen, and Kyle Christie. Darrell Taylor ended up being a wild card or “swing vote” in the situation, and during the episode, CT wasn’t sure where Darrell’s head was at.

When everyone cast their secret votes, Darrell opted to stick with his partner Amber Borzotra who was tight with the Big Brother alliance. So he voted in Devin and Gabby rather than trying to break apart the BB alliance.

When Double Agents CT and Big T saw which cast members had voted for Devin and Gabby, CT noticed Darrell, showing that he might be tighter with the BB alliance.

Challenge vet explains why he voted how he did

During The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show, Devyn Simone told Darrell he was like the “swing vote” in the house. She asked him why he decided to vote for Devin instead of Josh.

“I voted for Devin. I felt bad about it. I’m closer to Devin than I am to Josh. I vibe more with Devin than I do with Josh,” Darrell shared. 

Devyn pressed him again to explain why he chose to vote for Devin then.

“You know, I think because I was just trying to roll with Leroy [Garrett] and I was just following the way they rolled,” Darrell said, referring to power couple Leroy and Kam Williams.

“They took care of me. That made him and Kam- they was like my No. 1 and 2.,” Darrell also shared.

“I would always go to them right before [voting], ‘What are we doing?’ and they would tell me,” The Challenge veteran said.

It became apparent during the season that Leroy and Kam were also teaming up with the Big Brother stars to give themselves more numbers in the game. Leroy was also partners with Kaycee Clark, a member of the Big Brother alliance. Kam had originally been partners with Josh Martinez until Kyle Christie won an elimination and traded Nany Gonzalez for Kam.

During the Aftermath show, Devin brought up how Darrell didn’t always vote the way Kam and Leroy did. Devin pointed out the situation where Josh and Mechie went into elimination. Darrell admitted he would always make his own decision for voting but that Kam and Leroy would tell him how to vote before each one.

“Still love you, but not buying it,” Devin said after Darrell had finished his explanation.

In the end, Darrell’s vote seemed to be what tipped things over in terms of Devin going into elimination rather than Josh. However, Episode 11 ended with a cliffhanger, so it’s unknown if things will play out how competitors wanted them to at The Crater.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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