The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11 recap: Who went home and who got their Gold Skull in elimination?

josh martinez and nany gonzalez on the challenge double agents episode 11
Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez at The Crater on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11 opened, the competitors arrived back to the house after Amber Borzotra’s Gold Skull win at elimination.

Gabby Allen, Devin Walker, and Chris “CT” Tamburello talked over the mistake of Gabby not going into elimination. However, CT and Devin said they’ve been making rookie mistakes in many seasons. CT admitted during a confessional interview, he needs to win a daily mission to get himself into elimination.

Josh Martinez told his teammate, Nany Gonzalez, he didn’t want to go back into elimination, but he would defend his Skull if he had to. During their chat, Josh started to stare and smile at Nany, prompting her to tell him, “you’re getting way too creepy these days.” Nany reminded him he’s “like family” to her and walked out after they laughed about it.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley spoke with Gabby about Amber B. feeling she was blindsided. Gabby said in hindsight, she should have gone in herself, but if anything, Amber B. now has a Gold Skull.

In another scene, rookie Lolo Jones expressed her frustrations about the game to Darrell. She said it felt like she wasn’t ever going to go into elimination, so her time might be better spent if she went home to train for the Olympics.

Competitors take on Mission: Air Lift for daily challenge

Host TJ Lavin informed competitors about Mission: Air Lift. A pair of teammates would start on a speedboat and wait for the red helicopter to fly nearby with two ropes hanging down. The two teammates had to grab onto their ropes and hang on until they reached a drop zone. From there, they had to swim in the water to a raft finish area to press a button. The team to complete this mission the quickest would become Double Agents.

Josh made a major mistake on the speedboat as he tried to grab Nany’s rope, and she ended up falling into the water before they could start the mission. Devin heckled Josh when he got back to the shore, and Nany swore at Devin about it. Josh hugged Nany, who cried about their failed effort.

Aneesa Ferreira slipped off her rope at the start of the mission, so she and Fessy Shafaat were disqualified. When Nam and Lolo went, they dropped a bit early. Lolo did a backstroke to swim to the raft. Nam said in a confessional that he had injured his back before.

Devin also messed up and didn’t grab his rope from the speedboat, causing a DQ for him and Gabby. He heard about it when he got back to shore.

Big T and CT were the last team to go. Big T’s fear of heights was under the spotlight, but she surprised everyone by grabbing and holding onto the rope. She and CT both dropped and made a quick swim to the raft to complete the mission. CT was ecstatic over Big T’s performance.

TJ announced that CT and Big T dominated the mission, making them the new Double Agents.

Deliberation and secret votes take place

Back at the house, Lolo was in tears as she admitted to Nam how embarrassed she was over their performance in the mission. She told him she’d talk to him later.

CT went around and spoke with other competitors including Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, and Kyle Christie. He told them he wanted “The Goof” in elimination, referring to Josh.

Later at the club night, Leroy talked to Nany about how CT wants Josh. She told him she wanted to send in Devin, and Leroy agreed. Devin and Amber B. hugged it out about he and Gabby “blindsiding” her. A frustrated Gabby vented to Big T about it.

At the club, CT spoke with Amber B. about her partner Darrell and not knowing where his head was at in the game. Later at the house, Gabby was still upset. Devin tried to smooth things over, but it didn’t go in his favor.

Leroy spoke with the Big Brother alliance about how CT wanted Josh in elimination. However, Josh said he trusted that he had the numbers so he wouldn’t get voted in.

At deliberation, Devin made his “layup” pitch. He said that anyone with a Skull should keep him around as an easy opponent in the final. He also said anyone without a Skull should keep him around to try to get theirs from him. Josh said that he’s been loyal to his people in the game, and they don’t want to eliminate one of their numbers.

The Compromised Agents were Gabby and Devin. Big T and CT saw who voted them in and that Darrell had voted for Devin.

Later, Lolo told everyone she was leaving the game to go home and train for the Olympics to represent Team USA. She felt the Big Brother alliance didn’t really have her back and allow her to compete. However, she told everyone to cheer her on for Team USA just like they cheer at eliminations.

Who went home and who got a Gold Skull?

Everyone arrived at The Crater where host TJ Lavin was waiting for them. They could see it was the same elimination event that Kam defeated Ashley in previously involving harnesses and jumping through the air to put rings on various posts.

As the Compromised Agents, Gabby and Devin joined TJ down on the ground level. However, just as they got down there, an alarm went off to signal a “Security Breach.”

“I told you that on this season of The Challenge, nothing is as it seems,” TJ said as the episode concluded. That meant there was no elimination shown for Episode 11, leaving viewers to wait for the next installment.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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