The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11 preview clip shows off Air Lift mission

competitors learn about operation air lift on the challenge double agents
The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11 to feature Air Lift mission. Pic credit: MTV

Ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11, a preview clip for the agents’ next mission has arrived online, and this will be one “bada**” mission, according to host TJ Lavin.

The mission will once again bring The Challenge helicopter into play along with that cold water in Iceland. This time, there’s also swimming involved, which may not be best for a few competitors.

In addition, there are several competitors still looking to get their Gold Skulls, making a win in the daily event a big deal for Episode 11.

The Challenge: Double Agents’ Air Lift mission preview arrives

In Double Agents Episode 10, the competitors were digging in the sand for pieces of their totem puzzles to try to be the first to build theirs and trigger explosives on the beach area.

With Episode 11, Operation: Air Lift will be the latest mission with competitors starting on a raft in the water. That red helicopter makes its return and will have two ropes hanging down. The teammates need to grab those ropes and hold on as long as they can until they reach a drop point.

At the drop point, the competitors will drop into the water near buoys and swim as fast as they can to the finish area. As seen in the clip below, Leroy Garrett isn’t exactly fond of swimming and even considers himself the worst swimmer amongst the male competitors.

Meanwhile, Nany Gonzalez says during a confessional interview that she and Josh Martinez have performed well together in swimming, so they’re hopeful they can capture the win.

Based on the previous plot synopsis released for Episode 11, there will be an “unforgettable” performance from one of the competitors during this mission. It’s unknown if that might be referring to Leroy, or possibly one of the Double Agents rookies.

What else to expect with Double Agents Episode 11

Based on the sneak peek trailer that arrived after Episode 10 and the plot synopsis that showed up online, this could be a big episode.

Chris “CT” Tamburello was heard giving a confessional interview or voiceover during the sneak peek. He talks about needing to get the daily mission to be able to send himself in for a Gold Skull. However, he’s in a line with other competitors including Nam Vo, Darrell Taylor, and Cory Wharton. While Nam and Darrell will be part of the daily mission, Cory will have to sit it out due to being a Rogue Agent.

Another thing teased during the sneak peek was Lolo Jones still struggling with her relationship with teammate Nam. Based on the way the preview looked, Lolo could be ready to quit the show and head home.

Additionally, host TJ Lavin will drop a “bomb” on the Double Agents cast members. It’s anyone’s guess what that might be. There was a security breach triggered in the sneak peek, but there may be even more than that coming at the latest elimination.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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