The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10 recap: Who went home and who won the Gold Skull?

host tj lavin on the challenge double agents episode 10
Host TJ Lavin awaits competitors at the daily mission site on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV

At the start of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10, the competitors arrived back home as Kaycee Clark celebrated being the third Big Brother star to win their Gold Skull. That meant Amber Borzotra was the only remaining BB star needing to win one.

Devin Walker and Chris “CT” Tamburello spoke about who they thought would be the toughest teams in the final. CT mentioned Kaycee and Leroy Garrett as well as Kam Williams and Kyle Christie. Devin told CT if he can put him into elimination to get his Gold Skull, he will.

Fessy Shafaat charmed Gabby Allen in her room and asked her if she went into elimination, who would she choose as her partner. Gabby told Fessy she’d choose him if she won an elimination since he made it far last season. Gabby mentioned in her confessional interview, her opinion of Fessy changed, and she liked him more. Gabby and Fessy were shown kissing a bit in her room.

In another scene, Lolo Jones and Nam Vo were still having trouble getting on the same page. Lolo called Nam stubborn because she felt she had to constantly cater to what he wanted to do in the game. One thing she mentioned was not volunteering herself to go into elimination made her seem weak as an athlete.

Competitors battle in Operation: Black Sand Ops

Operation: Black Sand Ops was the latest daily mission and involved competitors rushing to different torches set up along the sand. They had to dig in the sand near the torches to find color-coded totem pieces. Each team had to find their specific pieces and build the totem at the end of all the torches. The first team to build their totem would win.

During the mission, some teams helped other teams out by handing them over pieces. However, some of the Big Brother competitors made sure not to help Devin and Gabby when they found their totem pieces. The same went for Devin when he found one of Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez’s totem pieces.

Josh and Nany took the early lead on solving the totem puzzle. Amber M and Cory Wharton caught up, as did CT and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. Amber B. and Darrell Taylor struggled to find their final pieces. Nam started to notice pain in his left side during the mission, which hindered them.

CT and Big T thought they got their totem first, but it was wrong when they asked for it to be checked. Moments later, Gabby and Devin won the mission to become Double Agents.

Strategies unfold, deliberation and voting take place

Devin talked strategy with CT and Nam. He suggested sending either one of them in to get rid of Josh. Meanwhile, Fessy, Josh, and Leroy are talking about strategy too. They think it’s going to be a women’s elimination.

Gabby spoke to Kyle and Big T about wanting to go down to get her Gold Skull. Ahead of voting, the cast enjoyed a night at the club. Devin made a handwritten sign to hang up that said, “Big Brother Sucks VIP Lounge.”

Gabby and Devin couldn’t get on the same page when they spoke about their votes for elimination. Gabby wanted to volunteer herself to go in if it’s a female elimination day, but Devin didn’t want to chance it being a male elimination.

Josh interrupted a talk that Devin was having with Kyle and Kam. Devin told Josh to leave, but he wouldn’t, so Devin left instead. Later, Devin tried to talk things out with Gabby, but it didn’t work so well.

Nam and Lolo got into another argument. Lolo was frustrated with Nam and dismissed him from the conversation. Lolo said in a confessional interview it’s probably time to find a new partner.

At deliberation, Amber M. and Cory tried to ask the other house members to send them in. Lolo got emotional at the meeting, saying she wanted to go down and compete to maybe get a new partner. Nam agreed, saying he may be holding her back.

Devin and Gabby got to see how the votes went. The house majority vote was for Amber M. and Cory, which didn’t sit well with Devin. He told Gabby they need to send in Kam and Kyle to send a “warning shot” to everyone else. He threw out some other ideas. Gabby didn’t like any of what he suggested, though.

Who went home and who won their Gold Skull?

As competitors arrived at The Crater site, they could see it’s the return of Hall Brawl. The compromised agents, Amber M. and Cory, joined host TJ Lavin down on the ground level.

Devin and Gabby announced their picks for who would go into elimination. They surprised everyone when they said they were sending in Amber B. and Darrell.

It was a battle of the two Ambers in Hall Brawl. This one was different, though. The competitors also had to retrieve a ball and bring it to the other side to deposit into a bucket. The first one to do that three times would win their Gold Skull.

Amber B. ended up getting a strong win to become the fourth and final Big Brother star to earn their Gold Skull. Amber M. was eliminated from the game. Amber B. decided to keep Darrell as her partner, which meant Cory is partnerless again.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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