The Challenge’s Josh Martinez reveals he received huge fine for Double Agents incident: ‘I learned my lesson’

josh martinez during the challenge double agents confessional
The Challenge: Double Agents star Josh Martinez said he was fined for one incident on the show. Pic credit: MTV

One of the more polarizing competitors on The Challenge in recent years is Josh Martinez, due to his emotional displays and arguments during several seasons.

The former Big Brother star returned for Season 36 and has stayed true to form with more of the same, including several arguments during the first half of the season.

One of those arguments on Double Agents cost him quite a bit of money, as he recently revealed while appearing as a podcast guest.

Josh received a fine for The Challenge incident

In Double Agents Episode 7, Josh got involved in a blowup involving his Big Brother ally, Fessy Shafaat, and Devin Walker. Josh previously got heated at Devin after his “Big Brother sucks” and repetitive math question in an earlier episode. This time around, Josh threw water towards Devin in the kitchen area, leading to more mayhem.

Devin tried to talk face to face with Josh, but Josh didn’t want any part of that discussion and told him to get away from him. After counting to three, he shoved Devin hard, causing him to fall backward and onto a nearby couch.

Eventually, other cast members were able to intervene. However, some viewers felt Josh crossed a line with the physical contact. In previous seasons of the show, cast members were kicked off for physical contact, but mostly for landing punches.

Josh revealed during his recent appearance on a Challenge Mania Podcast episode that there were consequences for that incident, though.

“First off, I got probably the biggest- one of the biggest fines I’ve ever had in my life. I will never, ever put hands on somebody on a f*****g show in my life,” Josh said but didn’t reveal how much the fine was exactly.

He also said the show’s executive producer and host TJ Lavin came to the house, and he got “grilled” over what went down. In addition to receiving a hefty fine, Josh said there were also warnings issued that cast members would be kicked off the show if any little thing like that happened again.

“I’m telling you I don’t think I’ll ever put hands on somebody because I learned my lesson,” Josh added.

He also mentioned being quarantined in the house for the season, coupled with just how he is caused him to react how he did in those blowups during Double Agents.

“I did feel really bad for shoving him. I felt really bad, and I never wanted it to get to that level,” Josh admitted regarding the incident.

Josh reveals spoiler about his Double Agents rival

Something else Josh mentioned was his recent work vacation in Mexico to do a project with several castmates. Challenge Mania Podcast host Scott Yager brought up that the internet seemed to think one of those castmates was, in fact, Josh’s Double Agents rival, Devin.

Josh confirmed he was out there with Devin and someone else from the cast who he didn’t reveal. Both Josh and Devin shared posts on their official Instagram accounts, including the one from Devin below.

“We really didn’t post together because we obviously knew people were gonna go nuts and then we’re like, ‘aw f**k it, they’re gonna find out anyways,'” Josh said regarding he and Devin being in Mexico.

Josh also went on to reveal what seems like a spoiler for the season ahead regarding his rivalry with Devin.

“People don’t understand when you’re in an environment like The Challenge, it’s intense, and obviously we’re competing for a lot of money, but we also spend so much time together, so much downtime, and we really build a good friendship. Even with the people that I like fight with, if I see them in public, there’s nothing but love,” he explained.

Josh went on to say that even though he and Devin started feuding during the first half of the Double Agents season, things changed later. He revealed they “talked things through” and were able to get along better, although he’s unsure if that footage will be in any upcoming episodes.

“Obviously, the guy can be nuts in a filming environment, but Devin’s pretty f*****g cool. I gotta give him that. He’s a really cool dude,” Josh revealed, adding that they initially couldn’t be around each other on the show but are now on better terms.

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