The Challenge 36 Episode 7 recap: New Double Agents, household drama, and elimination results

josh nany darrell and amber on the challenge double agents episode 7
Josh Martinez, Nany Gonzalez, Darrell Taylor, and Amber Borzotra on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7 opened with a replay of last week’s events, including Kam Williams eliminating Ashley Mitchell. Competitors were also unhappy with Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett’s sneaky moves.

The fallout from those moves was featured in the opening as Kyle Christie, Cory Wharton, and Leroy Garrett confronted Jay about what went down. Kyle and Cory felt betrayed since he got them sent into elimination without notice.

Leroy also confronted him for sending Kam down there. Theresa told Leroy to leave Jay alone and blame her, but Leroy wasn’t having it and told them they won’t win this game.

Theresa discusses the next move with CT

In another room, Kam spoke with Nany Gonzalez and Lolo Jones about how she’ll be making Jay and Theresa a target because she doesn’t trust them.

Theresa talked to Chris “CT” Tamburello about strategy, and they discussed sending Darrell Taylor in. CT said in a confessional he doesn’t trust Theresa, but he wouldn’t mind getting Darrell out of the way.

Fessy Shafaat had a conversation to clear the air with Cory about things since Nelson Thomas left. Fessy told Cory he’s self-conscious about things and not cocky like many people think. Kyle was nearby and wasn’t buying it. Cory said it felt like things were moving forward positively.

In his confessional, Devin Walker also said that he wants to get rid of the Big Brother players because he doesn’t trust them.

Aerial Takeover mission yields new Double Agents

The competitors arrive for their next daily mission, where TJ Lavin asks if they’re ready to get wet. A red helicopter flies over the nearby frigid water.

TJ tells them they’ll be playing Aerial Takedown. Five competitors hang on a net full of cargo as it dangles from the helicopter flying over the water. The winning competitor is the one who knocks all their opponents off the cargo in the fastest time. Cory won’t play because he’s a Rogue Agent.

Kaycee Clark wins the first female heat. In the first guys’ heat, they all just stayed on rather than fighting, so everyone got disqualified. Theresa tried to plot with the girls in her heat to fall off quickly so one of them can win fast. It comes down to Theresa against Amber Borzotra. Theresa wins it.

For the second guys’ heat, Jay battled a bit with Leroy. Mechie Harris fell off. The other four guys all stayed on and got disqualified due to time running out.

TJ reveals that the teams of Theresa and Jay and Leroy and Kaycee both did very well today. He also tells the men they really sucked today because they didn’t even try. TJ reveals Kaycee and Leroy won the mission by one second and are the new Double Agents.

Competitors get feisty after night out

Theresa is upset that Amber B. didn’t follow along with her plan during the mission. She tells Jay she’s going to get her bad. Jay tells Theresa she may need to go in and earn her skull. Meanwhile, Amber talks to Nany, saying she hadn’t seen this side of Theresa until now.

During everyone’s night out, Theresa tried to tell Darrell she wasn’t plotting against him. He wasn’t having it. Theresa also confronted Amber B. about what happened, but that goes nowhere.

Devin and Kyle start to poke at Fessy to stir things up with him. Back in the house, Fessy got agitated and shoved Kyle a bit. Security and a producer got involved. Fessy’s pal Josh Martinez calmed him down outside.

Soon after, Josh got into it with Devin back in the house. He threw water on Devin and then shoved him away when Devin tried to talk to him. Nany told Josh to walk away. Kyle wanted to fight Josh, but CT told him that Josh is just a big “manchild.”

Theresa, Kam speak up during deliberation

Theresa met up privately with Amber B. and realized it was CT who spoke out about some sort of plan to get rid of Darrell. Theresa told Amber and Jay she would address that with CT at deliberation.

Theresa got into it with CT at the deliberation and it backfired on her and Jay. She said that cameras caught her and CT’s conversation and she can’t wait for everyone to see it. Kam spoke up against Theresa to say that she and Jay need to go earn their skulls now.

When everyone in the house voted, Theresa and Jay got the most votes. While talking to Kaycee, Leroy contemplated going in against Jay to get his Skull. He told Kaycee if he doesn’t want to go in, they can send in Nam Vo.

Who earned a Skull and who went home?

At The Crater site, the Double Agents Leroy and Kaycee stand by. TJ gave a warning to the cast about what happened in the house last night.

He also revealed a big twist, as he says votes don’t count for all of the guys in the house who didn’t try in the daily mission.

Even so, Theresa and Jay still have the most votes and join TJ on the ground. Leroy volunteered himself to go in to try to earn his Skull. TJ confirmed the guys are playing tonight in Fire Escape, the same elimination event that Natalie Anderson won in the first episode.

In the race, Leroy jumped out to a huge lead and never let up. He won the elimination in dominant fashion to earn his Gold Skull, and Jay is eliminated.

It’s decision time. Leroy chose to stick with his partner Kaycee, while Theresa is now partners with the Rogue Agent, Cory. A target is also now on Cory’s back thanks to his new partner.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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