The Challenge: Double Agents recap – Who got sent home in elimination tonight on the premiere episode?

the challenge double agents premiere episode who got sent home in elimination tonight
Competitors on The Challenge: Double Agents learned about the season ahead. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge is finally back after weeks of quarantines and filming to bring viewers a new Double Agents season involving all sorts of backstabbing and mayhem in the grueling competition.

At the start, 30 cast members are competing in events at The Challenge location to make it to host TJ Lavin’s final. The individuals who reach the final get to compete for a share in some major prize money. There’s a total jackpot of $1 million.

With the recent premiere episode, there is now The Challenge: Double Agents results available for who won the first challenge and who got sent home in elimination.

For those who haven’t seen it yet and want to enjoy the episode, spoilers will follow. Otherwise, read on to get some of the details for tonight’s winners, losers, and who was eliminated on The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode.

First challenge: Mission Decryption winners

One thing learned early on is that this new season of The Challenge will feature pairings of male-female partners. However, a competitor can trade for a different partner if they win an elimination event.

Winning in an elimination event also gives the winner a Gold Skull. This makes the winner eligible to compete in the final – if they make it to the end of the season. Also, there are only 10 Skulls available this season, which forces competitors to want to get into elimination to earn that Skull as soon as possible.

The first challenge of the Double Agents season was called Mission Decryption. They ran in two heats – one for the male competitors and one for the female competitors.

It involved everyone running to the top of a mountain to look at a capsule with a color code on it. Competitors needed to memorize the order of the colors and then rush down to their detonation station. Using the code, they needed to connect colored wires at the station to detonate a bomb. The player who did so first was the winner.

For the female competitors, Aneesa Ferreira was able to set off her detonator first. For the male competitors, Fessy Shafaat got the big win. TJ announced Aneesa as the overall winner in terms of time by one minute. That allowed her first pick for her partner to start the season. She chose Fessy as her partner, although he wasn’t too happy about it.

TJ then told the rest of the cast to pick their partners and stand next to them. Ashley partnered with CT, although Kam had tried to be CT’s partner first. The Big Brother stars, Kaycee and Josh, split up and teamed with Leroy and Kam, respectively. They did so to help their BB alliance spread out amongst the group.

Check out all of the starting teams for the season in these Double Agents spoilers.

House votes, Double Agents get classified information

Aneesa and Fessy were the winners of the first challenge. That made them the Double Agents. The rest of the cast would vote individually in secret for who they wanted to go into elimination.

Then, the two Double Agents got to select who the other person or people going into elimination would be. Killer Kam got into Aneesa’s ear about sending in CT and Ashley since they’re former Challenge champs.

For the premiere episode, the majority of the house votes ended up going towards CT and Ashley. Since Aneesa and Fessy were Double Agents, they got to go into a secret room and see all of the people who voted for that couple.

Who got sent home in the first elimination?

All of the competitors went to the elimination site, which host TJ Lavin referred to as The Crater.

He told them losers go home empty-handed, but winners get a Skull to qualify to run in the final.

Next, TJ revealed that the compromised agents are CT and Ashley, so they went down for elimination. Fessy and Aneesa had a choice to go down and face them for a chance at a Skull but passed on it. Instead, they sent in Wes Bergmann and Natalie Anderson.

TJ then flipped things upside down by announcing tonight would be a women’s elimination. That meant Wes and CT weren’t involved. So it became Ashley vs. Natalie from Survivor.

They were each bound by their wrists and ankles hanging upside down from a horizontal pole. The objective was to swing with one’s body weight across the pole to be the first to get to the other side. The poles were also set on fire.

Natalie ended up getting the win, even though Ashley put up a good race. That means Ashley was sent home, and Natalie got a Gold Skull. Not only that, but TJ told Natalie she could choose to stay with Wes or trade for any other male partner besides Fessy.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Natalie’s decision pending.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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