The Challenge’s Aneesa Ferreira calls out body-shaming in IG post, video message to fans

the challenge aneesa ferreira calls out body-shaming
Aneesa Ferreira appears at The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge competitor Aneesa Ferreira recently took to social media to inform fans she’s fed up with the continued body-shaming conversations and comments she’s seen going on.

Aneesa, who will be a part of the new Double Agents season created a post on social media to share her thoughts, before following up with a video to clarify what she was speaking about.

Some recent online comments may have caught Aneesa’s attention, and she didn’t hold back her thoughts on a topic of major importance in society today.

Aneesa fires back at people who keep body-shaming

“I’m so sick of society thinking it’s ok to talk about people’s bodies. My body is my business no matter what it looks like. Stress, age, health (good or bad) … life can change ones body,” Aneesa said in the caption.

The Challenge veteran went on to make sure fans understand that seeing her body change over the years doesn’t mean she’s “less healthy” and gave some advice to focus on something else.

“Just because you’ve watched mine change, it doesn’t mean I’m any less healthy. My advice is that you focus on who you are and how you feel and stop worrying about my body and what I’m doing with it. I love my curves… I’m a f*****g WOMAN. Now go find something else to talk about!!!!!”


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Aneesa’s post drew in plenty of supportive comments from Challenge stars of past and present. That included several veterans that appeared on past seasons of the show with her.

“Clearly those ppl missed our zoom from the castle a few weeks ago! ? Ppl be mad cuz their own life sucks! Keep doin you girl!” Derrick Kosinski shared.

You are beautiful inside and out???” said The Challenge OG himself, Mark Long.

Others who stopped by to comment included Veronica Portillo, Tori Gwinn, and Season 36 cast member Amber M, who it appears may have some flirtation with Aneesa, based on the Double Agents Super Trailer.

Aneesa posts follow-up video with more thoughts

In addition to the photo and text that Aneesa shared on her Instagram, she also put up more thoughts about the matter on her Instagram Stories.

“Real quick folks, because people think I’m upset. I’m not really upset, I’m more so annoyed that we are still having the conversations about other people’s bodies, and saying what looks strong, or what looks fit,” Aneesa says in one part of her IG Story.

“Skinny doesn’t mean you’re not strong. Thick doesn’t mean you’re not fit, like, let’s change the way we talk about ourselves and other people,” the two-time Challenge finalist says.

A Challenge fan account on Instagram shared the video clip from Aneesa’s Story (below):


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“Let’s stop shaming other people. You don’t know what people go through in their lives that may be preventing them from meeting the societal standard of beauty. F**k your standards. I’m gonna live by mine. I’m healthy. That’s what matters. I am loved. Try it out,” she adds.

Aneesa Ferreira has been part of the MTV reality TV world since appearing on Real World: Chicago back in 2002. She’s seen plenty on the show over the years, with castmates coming and going, along with various dramas. That said, she’s been on multiple seasons and is coming back for another.

Aneesa still looking for a big Challenge win

With Double Agents, Aneesa will return to compete in her 14th installment of MTV’s reality competition series. She’ll join Wes Bergmann, who is also back for his 14th show. Only Chris “CT” Tamburello will have more appearances than Aneesa and Wes on the show this season. CT is back for his 18th.

All three competitors are longtime Challenge veterans and fan favorites. Aneesa is one that many fans want to see finally get a win on the show based on her history. In her Double Agents teaser, she mentioned she might have to change her strategy and approach on this new season.

Nonetheless, she’s proven herself to be a tough competitor in the game, based on how she has performed in eliminations. On Total Madness last season, she ousted Jenna Compono. On The Duel and Duel II, Aneesa had three eliminations in both seasons.

Now, she’ll enter Season 36 trying to finally find a way to get into the final and capture big money.

Fans will also be able to check her out with Tori Deal on MTV’s Official The Challenge Podcast starting Thursday, December 10.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c.

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