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The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7 teaser clips reveal elimination fallout, next daily mission

the challenge stars leroy garrett and theresa jones involved in conversation on double agents
Leroy Garrett and Theresa Jones on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7, viewers will see another daily mission involving some heights and the frigid water below.

There will also be backlash for one team after they made some moves to shake things up with the previous episode’s elimination.

Two new preview clips are circulating online, showing off what fans can expect to see when Episode 7 arrives.

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7 mission preview

Ahead of Double Agents Episode 7, The Challenge Twitter and Instagram accounts shared a preview clip for the next daily mission called Aerial Takedown.

The Challenge host TJ Lavin trolls them ahead of giving out the instructions.

“Alright agents, is everybody ready to get wet?” TJ asks, bringing out various emotions from competitors.

In honor of the show’s theme, the mission features a red helicopter complete with The Challenge and skull logos. It has competitors hanging onto a net full of cargo as it dangles from the helicopter above water. The competitors won’t be quite as high above the water as their Episode 5 mission, though.

Unlike the Episode 5 mission, it also seems competitors will need to knock opponents into the water to win. “Killa” Kam Williams appears to be activated and ready to unleash some aggression.

In the previous episode’s mission, competitors were on the ground as they transported a heavy, awkward capsule over five miles of terrain. There were also checkpoints along the way with obstacles and puzzle pieces inside the capsule.

Many teams struggled to work together effectively, but Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett ended up crossing the finish line first. They were followed by Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton, which tipped Jay and Theresa off to them as a team to watch out for.

Episode 7 features fallout from team’s power moves

In that previous episode, viewers saw Theresa orchestrate some power moves for her game to get rid of a strong female competitor. She convinced others to vote for Ashley Mitchell to go into elimination.

Since Theresa and her partner Jay Starrett won the daily mission, they were Double Agents with the power to send another team in. They opted to send in Kam Williams and Kyle Christie. It was a female elimination day, and Kam ended up winning her skull as she got rid of Ashley.

However, the power move didn’t sit well with others in the house, who felt blindsided, betrayed, or lied to. Kyle, Leroy Garrett, and Cory Wharton all seemed to be upset with Theresa and Jay over it.

In another exclusive clip (below), Leroy is seen confronting Jay over sending Kam into elimination.

Theresa, who previously hooked up with Leroy back on Rivals II, also gets involved to try to get him to blame it all on her. That doesn’t exactly help, and based on Leroy’s comments, he’s making sure Jay and Theresa don’t win this season.

It’s unknown whether Episode 7 will have a men’s or women’s elimination event. However, based on the previous episode and teaser clip above, more than a few teams could be going after Jay and Theresa.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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