The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 6 recap – Who went home from the show?

the challenge double agents competitors learn of a new daily mission
The Challenge: Double Agents competitors await their next daily mission. Pic credit: MTV

The sixth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents brought an early surprise as viewers saw another competitor leaving the game without elimination, a brand new team formed, and another team getting themselves in hot water.

In the previous installment, best friends Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal went head-to-head in the elimination. Aneesa once again proved doubters wrong as she picked up the win and Gold Skull. Tori was eliminated, and then Aneesa decided to steal Fessy Shafaat back as her partner.

As everyone arrives home from The Crater, Fessy admits it sucks that Tori went home and also that Aneesa chose him to be her partner again. Devin is a Rogue Agent since his partner was eliminated.

Theresa’s game is under the spotlight, competitor is missing home

It’s revealed how Theresa Jones is playing her own game with her rookie friends and also the veterans. Nany talks to Lolo Jones and Kam Williams about seeing how Theresa is. Kam says Aneesa doesn’t realize one of her No. 1 girls in the game can’t be trusted.

In the kitchen, Lolo confronts Theresa over how she is playing, which gets Theresa a bit irritated. In a confessional interview, Theresa says Lolo needs to stay quiet. Theresa says she can only tell Aneesa or others so much about what she’s doing.

Meanwhile, Ashley Mitchell says in her confessional interview that Theresa is fake and can’t be trusted.

During another conversation, Nany asks Lio Rush how The Challenge experience is for him. He said it’s different, and some of it reminds him about waking up in a group home with strangers when he was younger. They show Lio on a video call with his wife back home, saying he misses her and wishes he was back home with family.

Soon after, he’s shown packing his items. Later he reveals to his partner Gabby Allen that he’s decided to go home. Gabby is upset over his decision and cries when he tells her. She tells him he was a great, supportive partner for her.

Mission Smuggle Run winners get extra prize money

Ahead of the Episode 6 daily mission, TJ announces that Lio has decided to leave. He says he can 100 percent understand and support it because everyone’s health is always most important. He says Gabby now becomes Rogue Agent Devin Walker’s new partner.

Competitors must transport a heavy, awkward capsule in a five-mile run, stopping at checkpoints along the way. The winning team is the one to finish in the quickest time. They’ll become the Double Agents and win $3,000 each in prize money along with something from P3, maker of portable energy packs.

Jay Starrett and Theresa struggle early in the mission as everyone gets ahead. Darrell Taylor and Amber Borzotra have the early lead. However, Jay and Theresa pick up speed and pass everyone using their running endurance. Lolo and Nam have issues working together.

Cory Wharton and Ashley manage to get ahead thanks to puzzle-solving skills. Theresa and Jay are in the lead down the stretch, but Cory and Ashley aren’t far behind. However, Theresa and Jay jog to the finish and get their first win of the season to become Double Agents.

CT Tamburello praises his partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley for her efforts, but in a confessional interview, he admits this isn’t going to help him win. Fessy and Aneesa finish dead last. TJ reveals that P3 boosted Jay and Theresa’s prize money to $6,000 each.

House deliberation and Double Agents meeting

Theresa realizes that she now has power, and it is making people in the house afraid. Ashley comes to talk to her about things to see where her head’s at.

Lolo and Nam get into an argument over how poorly they worked together in the daily mission. Nam admits in a confessional interview it hurts his feelings that she’s saying he’s not a good teammate. Lolo walks off from their conversation in tears.

During the cast’s night at the club, Fessy continues to get to know Gabby. Other teams wonder if Theresa will send them in.

Later, Jay suggests to Theresa they should try to break up a powerful team, such as Ashley and Cory, who were right behind them in the mission. Theresa is going around telling people to vote for Ashley as a house vote.

Ashley tries to speak up for herself ahead of the house vote, suggesting that she’s a strong partner to be with for the final. It seems to Amber M that Ashley is trying to get the house to vote for a rookie.

The majority vote goes to Ashley and Cory. Theresa is excited her plan worked and discusses options with Jay. She goes to talk to Kam, saying she’ll put her into elimination if she wants it. Kam isn’t 100 percent sure she wants to go in yet.

Who went home from Double Agents tonight?

At The Crater, TJ reveals that Cory and Ashley were the house vote, so they join him on the ground. The Double Agents power team give their votes. Theresa says in a confessional interview that she needs to get at least Ashley, Nany, or Kam out because they don’t have her back.

They choose Kam and Kylie Christie to go down to elimination. TJ trolls a bit by saying, “Tonight, it’s an important elimination for the men.” He pauses for effect before adding, “to watch their partners.”

It’s Ashley vs. Kam in the elimination, which involves being in harnesses on platforms and having rings to place on poles at a distance from them. They use the platform and body weight to try to jump and swing across to each pole. The first one to place all of their rings on the poles wins.

Kam gets into a rhythm and goes up 4-2, but Ashley starts to make a comeback. However, it’s too little too late, as Kam gets another elimination win and her Gold Skull. Leroy puts Theresa and Jay on notice for the move they made. Cory calls out Jay for lying to him and saying he was safe.

Since Kam won, she gets to decide if she wants to stay with her partner Kyle, and she does so. Cory becomes the new Rogue Agent.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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