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The Challenge 36: Episode 6 teaser clip reveals tough daily mission with extra rewards

the challenge double agents rookies nam vo and lolo jones in episode 6
The Challenge: Double Agents rookies Nam Vo and Lolo Jones learn about their latest mission. Pic credit: MTV

A preview clip for The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 6 has arrived online in which host TJ Lavin is informing the competitors of their latest mission with an extra reward for the winners.

This one looks to be another physically challenging ordeal. It has already been referred to as a “mini final” in which the competitors are running several miles and working together with their teammates to carry a heavy object.

The latest clip arrives just ahead of an episode that also should give a bit more screen time to one of the show’s veteran competitors who returned for the season.

TJ introduces mission to competitors with extra incentive to win

In Double Agents Episode 5, the competitors were involved in an event that tested strength, willpower, and stamina while testing their potential fear of heights.

The competitors will be safely back on the ground for their mission in Episode 6, but based on the way it looks, it’s going to be another tough task requiring strength and endurance. There may be some puzzle solving as well.

TJ introduces Mission: Smuggle Run to the competitors in the preview clip, in which they’ll be transporting a “heavy, awkward capsule” in a five-mile race.

The competitors will have to carry that capsule shoulder-to-shoulder and stop at various checkpoints along the way. They’ll need to complete each checkpoint to move on. The team that completes it first becomes the Double Agents power team.

TJ makes a big announcement revealing that the mission winners aren’t only going to become the Double Agents power team. They’ll also get a special reward, including prize money, something that hasn’t happened with any of the other missions so far.


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That particular mission seems to favor at least one team just from the preview. Olympic athlete Lolo Jones is suited for events of this sort, and she’s partnered with Ultimate Beastmaster’s Nam Vo, who is probably one of the strongest guys in the house.

The team of CT Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley as well as Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark’s team may also do well. There’s also veteran Nany Gonzalez and her partner Josh Martinez who seem capable of winning this one.

Also, one shouldn’t count out the team of Jay Starrett and Theresa Jones, who looked strong in the Episode 5 mission.

Veteran to get more air time in Episode 6

Speaking of Theresa Jones, she’ll have some more time on the screen based on the Episode 6 trailer clip that MTV released. However, it appears her way of playing the game on Double Agents has rubbed some of her castmates the wrong way.

In that trailer clip, there’s a voiceover from Nany Gonzalez referencing Theresa being sneaky, and then a scene involving Lolo arguing with Theresa over how she plays the game. So this may be a tough episode for The Challenge veteran, but her fans will likely get to see more of her than in the previous installments.

A lot is going to come down to who wins that big mission up above. Theresa winning it with Jay would set up an interesting situation.

If Lolo and Nam can grab power as Double Agents, it will be very interesting to see what they do since they are rookie competitors. Will they be swayed by another alliance in the house or make their own power move?

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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