The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5 recap – Agent deactivated, competitor returns, and another big elimination

the challenge double agents episode 5 recap competitor returns and latest elimination results
Competitors learn about a surprising twist during The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5 brought chaos within the house following last week’s elimination event in which Fessy Shafaat volunteered to go in and take out friend Nelson Thomas.

It brought the heat to Fessy at the start of the new episode, as Cory Wharton and Josh Martinez confronted him for being selfish at that moment to get his Gold Skull.

Meanwhile, Tori Deal became disliked in the house amongst Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and some of the rookie girls. Amber M, Amber Borzotra, and Gabby Allen strategized with Big T.

Big T brought a plan to her partner CT Tamburello about putting Tori against Aneesa Ferreira in elimination. CT liked the idea.

Agent deactivated, security breach triggered

At the mission site, host TJ Lavin tells the competitors he’s received some intel. He has no choice but to deactivate one of their agents. Natalie Anderson has to leave due to a personal matter, so she is leaving the game. That means Cory loses his partner, but only for a moment.

TJ reveals three female agents have been deactivated outside of The Crater. He says he’s decided to trigger a security breach.

A dark SUV pulls up to the site, and Ashley Mitchell steps out to rejoin the competition. TJ says since Natalie eliminated Ashley before and Natalie is now deactivated, Ashley gets to return. She becomes Cory’s teammate.

Daily Mission results bring new Double Agents

The new mission has two heats. Female competitors stand on a platform on the side of a ledge wearing harnesses. The men have to pull a rope up through a hole until they get to the end of it. Once they do, they rush over to hold their female teammate’s hands to keep them hanging on the side as long as possible.

Tori and Devin Walker were eliminated, as were Aneesa and Leroy Garrett. Devin admitted he let Tori fall because he wasn’t worried about keeping her as a partner.

Amber B. and Darrell Taylor were out next, followed by Gabby and Lio Rush. Nam Vo lets go of Lolo Jones. Jay Starrett and Theresa Jones win Heat 1.

In Heat 2, Ashley and Cory fell first. Amber M. and Mechie Harris were out next, followed by Fessy and Kaycee Clark. Kam Williams and Kyle were soon out. Josh let go of Nany Gonzalez. Big T is still holding on with CT. They win Heat 2.

According to TJ, CT and Big T won by five seconds over Jay and Theresa. They’re now the Double Agents with some major power.

House vote deliberation goes down

Everyone headed out to the club to celebrate Big T’s win. People treat her like a queen in a VIP section. Meanwhile, she strategized with others to vote in Aneesa as the house vote. She wanted to blindside Tori for her and CT’s vote.

Tori talked with Big T during the night out and basically said she wants someone easy if she goes into elimination. Amber M. confronted Tori about saying she’s “weak” without actually knowing her abilities.

Tori and Aneesa did their best to get votes swayed away from them. It was then time for the house deliberation. Gabby spoke up on behalf of rookies, calling out veterans for going around, saying certain competitors are weak because they’re small.

Aneesa spoke up, too, saying the veterans look at it based on experience. Tori also talked about not knowing what new competitors are capable of and that they haven’t proven themselves. In a confessional interview, Amber M. said she expects to get Tori to be gone within 24 hours based on the plan.

The house members voted. Next, CT and Big T went into a private room and saw that Aneesa and Leroy were the house vote, and most of the house chose them. CT congratulated Big T on doing well with the political game.

Aneesa seemed upset that she might go into elimination against Tori. Theresa tried to comfort her along with Tori. In a confessional, Theresa admitted she’s also trying to keep her new rookie friends happy.

Elimination results, Gold Skull winner, and new teams

Everyone got to The Carter elimination site, where TJ was waiting for them. He revealed that Natalie’s Gold Skull is back in the pot, so five Gold Skulls are still available. He announced Leroy and Aneesa were the compromised agents.

TJ asked Big T and CT if they want to come down, but they passed it up. Instead, they voted to send in Tori against her friend Aneesa for a woman’s elimination.

Tori and Aneesa competed in something called Asset Destruction. Each competitor had a crate full of heavy bombs. The competitors each had to pull a rope to bring their crate of bombs close and tip it over. The competitors then throw the bombs at the targets to break 13 of them. The first competitor to break 13 targets won.

During a confessional, Fessy admitted he wants Tori to win because they have a “connection.”

Tori struggled to pull the rope to get her crate to tip over. Aneesa got hers much quicker to get a head start and begin throwing bombs to break her targets.

Tori eventually tipped over her crate and started frantically throwing bombs at targets. She caught up, but Aneesa ultimately got the big win. Aneesa got the Gold Skull, and Tori went home.

As for Aneesa’s big decision, she decided to steal Fessy back as her partner. Kaycee chose to take her old partner Leroy back. Devin became a Rogue Agent.

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