The Challenge: Double Agents stars reveal their Gold Skull strategies

the challenge double agents stars give gold skull strategies
The Challenge: Double Agents stars need Gold Skulls in order to compete at the final. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, the only way to qualify to compete at the final is by earning a Gold Skull. In order to get that Skull, contestants must win an elimination at The Crater.

Double Agents host TJ Lavin also told the 30 competitors that there will only be a total of 10 Skulls available. So, the players will want to make sure to get one if they want to have a shot at the big prize money.

With a limited amount of Skulls, it means a limited amount of time for players to strike. With that in mind, many competitors have different strategies as far as earning that Skull.

The Challenge competitors talk Skull strategy

MTV’s The Challenge continues to give viewers extra insight into how the rookies and veterans are strategizing to win Double Agents.

In a new exclusive video clip, competitors talk about their particular strategies to get a Gold Skull, which surprisingly doesn’t involve getting one as soon as possible.

The reason for that is it seems having a Gold Skull could put a target on a player’s back, and competitors don’t want that right away.

“I don’t want to get one right away,” Devin Walker says in the video. “I think a lot of people are gonna be fighting for that opportunity to go in and get their Skull, but as TJ mentioned, if you have a Skull, you become a target. I want to keep that target off my back and Nicole’s back for as long as possible.”

Former Big Brother star Josh Martinez has a different mindset based on his late elimination experience on Total Madness, which was the first season of The Challenge that had Skulls involved.

“Last season, I played it way too safe, and I waited to get my Skull ’til last minute, and it backfired,” Josh says. “This time around, when I see an opportunity, I don’t care who’s down there, I’m going in, and I’m getting my Skull.”


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The above video also features Double Agents competitors Fessy Shafaat, Kaycee Clark, Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, and Kyle Christie. Of these competitors, Leroy says he isn’t worried about who he hurts this season as it will be his final run on The Challenge.

Meanwhile, Kyle mentioned he plans to use a UK alliance in the house, which could help him get a Skull and possibly keep him safe.

Who has a Gold Skull so far on Double Agents?

Spoilers follow for anyone who has yet to see the first several episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents, including two elimination events.

On the first episode of Season 36, viewers watched as a women’s elimination took place. It was a fierce battle involving two-time winner Ashley Mitchell and Survivor winner Natalie Anderson.

Natalie bested Ashley in an event that involved them each being bound by their wrists and ankles from a horizontal pole with fire on top. The ladies had to use their body weight to be the first to move to one side of their pole and then back across to the other side.

The rookie Natalie grabbed the victory, eliminating one of the strongest veterans in the game in terms of Challenge wins.

For the second episode of the season, rookie Joseph Allen put himself into elimination due to his attempt to call out Challenge legend Wes Bergman. Instead of Wes getting sent in, the winning team of Fessy and Aneesa sent Kyle in to face him.

Kyle made relatively easy work of the Double Agents rookie in a Ring of Spies competition. The competitors had to grab onto a large ring. The winner was the first competitor to put that ring over a pole on their side of the competition area twice.

While Joseph put up a fight, Kyle ultimately dragged him across the grounds of The Crater area twice to win it. That means that Natalie and Kyle have two of those 10 Gold Skulls, and most likely, targets on their backs early.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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