The Challenge 36: Who or what is the ‘security breach’ on Double Agents?

the challenge 36 who or what is the security breach on double agents
The Challenge: Double Agents host TJ Lavin reveals a surprising twist to the competitors. Pic credit: MTV

The fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents will feature some interesting twists and turns, including a “security breach.”

A recent teaser clip shows host TJ Lavin informing the competitors about that tidbit, and the clip also reveals some shocked, surprised, and excited looks on everyone’s faces.

So who could the security breach be? There may have been a clue revealed through previous clips for the show or by particular competitors’ reactions in the new clip.

Episode 5 teaser features TJ revealing a shocking twist

Several teaser clips have arrived ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5, including one featuring TJ Lavin on-site with the competitors to reveal the newest twist.

“I’ve decided to trigger a security breach,” TJ informs them, as competitors react and a dark-tinted SUV approaches the scene.

As the back door of the SUV opens, viewers can see various competitors looking surprised, excited, or not-so-excited.


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The “security breach” isn’t revealed anywhere in the clip, but it already has viewers guessing. There seems to be a big possibility that the security breach is a Challenge star.

Along with that clip above, there have also been previews of Episode 5’s daily mission. It involves competitors harnessed and hanging onto the edge of a platform with their teammates standing by to help them.

In another teaser clip, viewers saw competitors confront Fessy Shafaat after the events of last week’s elimination, so Episode 5 will have quite a bit going on.

Who is the Double Agents security breach?

So who or what will the security breach be? Most viewers believe that the security breach involves bringing back one of The Challenge competitors. That could be someone from past seasons or this season. Will Johnny Bananas make a surprise appearance? Maybe eliminated competitors, Ashley Mitchell or Nelson Thomas?

The smart money for speculative purposes would have to be Weston Bergmann, though. He’s done a good job of remaining relevant on social media after his departure and continued to bring up how he was sent into elimination by friends.

Wes has recently posted funny little bits on Instagram or social media where he gives The Challenge news of the past week. Here’s one he shared on Tuesday, January 12, on his IG Story.

wes bergmann the challenge news updates
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram Story

A previous clip in which Wes’s former girlfriend and current Double Agents competitor, Theresa Jones, said something rather interesting.

“Out of all people, why am I here with him?” a sobbing Theresa says in part of the Double Agents Super Trailer. Her current teammate Jay Starrett is sitting next to her, comforting her during the moment.

That could refer to Wes being back on the show and causing issues for his former flame. It could also refer to another agent who decided to trade his partner for her.

Several competitors’ reactions to the “security breach” reveal in that new teaser clip above may also point towards Wes.

One of the people in the clip who appeared excited to see the security breach was Kyle Christie, who seemed to be working with Wes and Devin Walker. Meanwhile, the guy who sent Wes in, Leroy Garrett, didn’t look as excited by the reveal.

Those are potential clues for the Double Agents, but this season has been full of surprises, so anything’s possible. It seems the game is constantly changing and keeping competitors and viewers on their toes.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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