The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann opens up about Leroy Garrett going after him on Double Agents

the challenge wes bergmann opens up about leroy garrett targeting him on double agents
Wes Bergmann at The Crater elimination site on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

In just the first several episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents, fans have seen several former champions get sent home via elimination.

Both of the former champs weren’t happy with people coming after them and felt it was a “scared” strategy for other players to use.

In a recent interview, Wes Bergmann opened up about his participation in the show and his friend Leroy Garrett’s decision in the game.

Keep in mind spoilers will follow for viewers who haven’t seen the first three episodes of Season 36.

Double Agents early episodes featured big eliminations

The first episode of Double Agents saw two-time winner Ashley Mitchell sent home by one of the strong new rookies, Natalie Anderson of Survivor. The original plan was to vote in the team of CT Tamburello and Ashley against the team of Wes and Natalie. However, TJ flipped the script when he revealed it was only a female elimination.

That didn’t stop competitors from trying to oust Wes. Two episodes later, viewers saw Wes eliminated by his friend Devin Walker. Wes was frustrated by his performance. However, it was the way he was sent in that seems to bother Wes the most.

Most of the house decided to vote for Devin and his teammate Nicole. She was already eliminated due to injury, so that meant Devin had to go into elimination.

The Double Agents winning the day’s challenge were Leroy and Kaycee Clark. At The Crater site, they both chose to send Wes and Natalie into elimination. The rest is history as Devin just had more in him to get the win and Gold Skull. Wes was sent home and gave a speech afterward, mentioning his “friends” that he felt betrayed him.

Wes opens up more about Leroy, elimination

A recent Challenge Mania Podcast episode from former Challenge star Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager features Wes Bergmann as the guest. The Double Agents star gets into being embarrassed by being eliminated so early. He then talks about the situation with Leroy, a guy he felt he’d had a good relationship with for over nine years.

He brought up how Derrick, Leroy, and himself all got together and hung out in Miami three years ago, and then mentioned there are all the other times you might run into each other off the show. Wes said the nature of the industry is you will see each other in real-life situations.

He also brought up doing numerous seasons together and not targeting Leroy.

“Then all the votes where I didn’t go after [Leroy] and adds up to almost a literal decade with a really clean record with a mean that means a whole lot to me,” he added.

“Then you add in the fact that I got a call from Leroy months before we left and Leroy was like, ‘Listen, I wanna be your No. 1, what do I gotta do?’”

Wes explained to Leroy he would be his first protected ally unless Devin Walker got an invite, which of course happened. He also explained to Leroy not to be insecure if he went to his No. 2 in the game.

“Not only is stabbing me in the back extremely hurtful but then he calls me a piece of s**t in his interview in Episode 1, which is just completely unnecessary because I’ve never done anything to him that even would halfway justify him saying something like that,” the two-time Challenge winner added.


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“Am I the person you should be going after? And the answer is No,” Wes said, setting up a hypothetical of looking at the strategy of the game as just “normal viewers.”

Wes also mentions that he was a bit dramatic about everything for entertainment’s sake and builds up a “character” on The Challenge for himself. However, he maintains he doesn’t backstab friends or do shady stuff.

He says Double Agents was a situation where he was “eyeing one or two people” as targets on the show, adding it was nine to 15 people that were going after him.

“It is definitely getting frustrating, and it was a shame to watch and definitely hurt my feelings,” the two-time Challenge champion added, saying he wasn’t “crying” or “going to therapy” over it, though.

While Leroy’s actions definitely seem to have upset Wes, many fans are likely to believe that Leroy’s girlfriend Kam Williams is the real mastermind of the game now. After all, she wanted to go after former champions from the start.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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