Killa Kam Williams of The Challenge says CT Tamburello’s Double Agents snub felt like ‘slap in the face’

killa kam williams of the challenge on ct tamburello double agents decision
Kam Williams discusses strategy on The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode. Pic credit: MTV

It was a wild start to MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents season, with the premiere episode showcasing some powerful couples and alliances.

Among them were the power couple of Killa Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett. The real-life couple didn’t partner up in the first episode of Double Agents. Instead, they wisely decided to each get a different partner to have more widespread power in the overall group.

However, it led to an early incident in the game when Killa Kam went to select a certain veteran partner, which later led to that veteran facing possible elimination.

Kam explained online why she felt it was like a “slap in the face” early in the season and elaborated on her Double Agents strategy.

Kam disappointed in CT early on Double Agents

After the first official challenge concluded, the overall winner got to select any male partner she wanted to begin the season with. She chose Fessy Shafaat, most likely due to his age,  sheer size, and athletic ability. Fessy also brings a Big Brother alliance with him, consisting of several other competitors.

After that, host TJ Lavin told everyone else to stand by a partner of the opposite sex. Some people did so quickly. Kame tried to campaign to three-time Challenge champion CT Tamburello that they needed to be partners. However, CT brushed her off for some reason.

Instead, CT chose Ashley Mitchell, another former Challenge champ, and the one on Double Agents with the most total prize money won so far.

That ended up being a bad move for CT and Ashley, as crossing Killa Kam led to her going on a campaign to eliminate the former champions early. It wound up putting Ashley Mitchell into the first Double Agents elimination and ultimately sending her home early.

Kam explains her feelings about CT issue

As The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode aired on Wednesday, December 9, various cast members were tweeting to post their thoughts and reactions to seeing everything unfold on screen.

That included Killa Kam, who posted a series of tweets to explain what played into her feelings about the CT situation and the resulting power move she orchestrated with Aneesa and others.

“I felt like it was a hugeeee slap in the face with CT not picking me but picked someone who stole 1/2 a mill from someone with ZERO hesitation,” Kam said in one tweet, referring to CT choosing Ashley Mitchell.

Viewers probably remember Ashley won during the Final Reckoning season and opted to keep the million dollars in prize money all to herself, rather than splitting it with partner Hunter Barfield.

killa kam tweet about ct on the challenge double agents
Pic credit: @iamkam_/Twitter

In several other tweets, Kam continued to explain why she was irritated or frustrated over CT’s dismissal of her when selecting partners in the game.

“I feel like the world sometimes slaps my community in the face so I’m like uh uh not here too. lol so that’s why I wanted to fight much harder,” Kam tweeted.

killa kam tweets about double agents
Pic credit: @iamkam_/Twitter

In several other tweets, Kam also revealed why she campaigned to send in CT and Ashley early on. Mainly, it seems her goal, and probably other competitors’ goals, is to get rid of all the champions from having a chance to repeat as champs.

Kam also mentioned in her tweet, “I’m doing this for everybody black! @ our allies too, y’all understand.”

killa kam williams double agents tweets
Pic credit: @iamkam_/Twitter

Some may feel Kam’s strategy isn’t smart, but sometimes it’s best to get the strongest competitors out of the way early. On Total Madness, two of the strongest overall players were Johnny Bananas and Jennifer West, who ended up lasting all season and winning the final.

Kam is making her return to the game after not appearing on the Total Madness season and is picking up where she left off.

It seems that once again, Killa Kam, aka Queen Kam, has come to play the game the way she’s become best know for playing it. That should make for an exciting season as the drama continues to unfold on Double Agents!

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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Christina Richards
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