The Challenge Season 36 recap: Who went home and who won a Gold Skull on Double Agents’ third episode?

the challenge season 36 recap who went home tonight and won won a gold skull on double agents
Kaycee, Cory, Leroy, and Tori on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The third episode of The Challenge Season 36 included plenty of fallout and drama from the previous installment, along with more drama based on what went down tonight.

Last week included a few new partnerships being formed based on the eliminations, as Kyle is now with Kam, CT is now with Big T, and Josh is partnered with Nany.

There was also another daily challenge with a highly physical event, a blowup in the house, yet another elimination to send someone home, and a third Gold Skull being handed out.

Drama after last week’s votes and elimination

Fessy confronted Kyle in front of a group of guys for Kyle lying to him about who he voted to go into elimination. Kyle said that Cory and Nelson were trying to rally everyone to vote Wes into elimination.

Kyle called Fessy a “p***y” for not going into the elimination last week when it was a physical event. Kyle also said he is working with Wes, so that’s that. Kam stepped in to calm her new partner down.

Cory was upset with Fessy for not telling him that he got to see how the votes went down. Fessy told him it’s a game and people would come for them all either way, so that’s the way the game is going.

Competitors grapple in Roadkill challenge

In Roadkill, two teams at a time faced off on top of a Mack truck going 50 miles per hour. The objective was to push your opponent off the side of the truck into a net area as fast as possible.

Host TJ Lavin revealed there would be a Challenge first with no harnesses for this challenge. In the first of the random matchups, Nicole went against Kam, with Devin against Kyle. Both teams timed out, but Nicole seemed to have dislocated her shoulder and needed medical attention.

Natalie and Wes went against Josh and Nany. They all ended up dragging each other off the side, but Wes and Natalie got the win based on the replays. Nam and Lolo won. Tori defeated Liv, while Mechie defeated Cory. Liv appeared to hurt her elbow or shoulder during the battle with Tori, so she was taken away for medical attention.

Leroy and Kaycee defeated Nelson and Amber M. Aneesa defeated Big T, but CT and Fessy timed out in their battle. When all was said and done, TJ revealed that only three teams completed the mission. They were Nam and Lolo, Leroy and Kaycee, and the team of Wes and Natalie. However, Kaycee and Leroy got it done fastest and became this week’s Double Agents.

One player leaves, Josh confronts CT

As the players went back to the house, they discovered that all of Nicole’s stuff was gone. During a confessional, a teary-eyed Nicole said she was so upset to have to go home. Footage also showed her arm in a sling. Devin was left wondering if he would continue in the game or also get sent home.

Liv returned to the house with her arm in a sling too. She had to wait until the next morning to find out X-ray results.

Later, CT and Kaycee got into an argument in the kitchen. Josh got involved and went outside to confront CT about it. During that interaction, Josh told CT that Kaycee was crying. CT went to apologize to her and found out she wasn’t crying. It ended up causing a big blowup with Devin yelling out, “Big Brother sucks.”

Josh went after Devin with security getting involved in keeping them apart. Kaycee and Jay tried to calm Josh down despite Devin’s continued egging him on.

Deliberation and house voting

Ahead of the house vote, Wes tried to rally his allies to vote for Cory and Tori for elimination. At the deliberation meeting, Devin said he was going to vote for Cory and Tori. Josh revealed that he would vote for Devin every single time, as they bickered a bit.

The majority of votes ended up going towards Devin and Nicole, making things interesting since Nicole was sent home.

Kaycee and Leroy saw how the voting went, but the screen went away quickly. They gathered some information from it, but Kaycee was vague about what she would do.

Wes tried to talk to Leroy and Kam to get back on the same page. Leroy was nervous about the big decision he’d make at elimination.

Who went home, and who got a Gold Skull?

At The Crater, TJ Lavin called Devin down to the grounds for elimination. Then it was up to Kaycee and Leroy to send someone in. TJ confirmed Nicole is officially out of the game and said it would be a men’s elimination round tonight.

Leroy had the option to get his Gold Skull but turned it down. Instead, Leroy voted Wes and Natalie in, as did Kaycee.

Wes told TJ it’s frustrating because he’s known Leroy for 15 years, and the game has got to him. Wes also said he wasn’t happy to go against his friend Devin.

They competed in Snapping Point, where they were connected by one rope. They had to race through posts to be first to press their red button in the dirt and detonate their station.

It was a struggle as they went at it, and both players got stuck looking at their detonator buttons. They dug into the dirt, but ultimately, Devin wanted it more, earning a Gold Skull and sending Wes home.

Devin chose to flip things upside down by choosing Tori as his partner. That meant Cory was teamed with Natalie Anderson as the show ended.

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