The Challenge: Double Agents rookie calls out Big Brother star after deleted tweet

the challenge double agents rookie calls out big brother star after deleted tweet
Cast members assemble for The Challenge: Double Agents premiere episode. Pic credit: MTV

The sparks are flying early on The Challenge: Double Agents season, with cast members having plenty to say about one another.

While some of the show’s veterans have been very outspoken in Season 36 on their social media, some of the newer competitors, including rookies, have also been quite vocal.

That includes one rookie who several cast members said they consider a “layup” on the new Double Agents season.

The Challenge rookie calls out castmate

After being called a “layup” in a recent video featuring stars of The Challenge: Double Agents, rookie Amber M went on Twitter to question her name being said several times.

“How am I being called a layup by people who haven’t even won a challenge? #MakeItMakeSense,” the former Are You The One? star originally tweeted.

That brought a reply from her castmate Fessy Shafaat, who is on his second season of The Challenge after appearing on Big Brother.

“Cause you are,” he wrote, adding an emoji of a man shrugging his shoulders.

fessy in deleted tweet about double agents rookie amber m
Pic credit: @WolfPrincessXX/Twitter

Not long after posting that comment, Fessy apparently deleted what he said to Amber M. However, the internet was ready with a screenshot. The @WolfPrincessXXX account tweeted a screenshot with “Omg *grabs popcorn*” as their comment.

Amber retweeted it all (below) with the comment, “Lol he deleted it because he is p***y just like everyone says ? right ?” She also tagged the former Big Brother star.

amber m the challenge tweet about double agents fessy
Pic credit: @amba1210/Twitter

Amber and Fessy’s comments arrive after recent video

The two stars of The Challenge: Double Agents are referencing people calling Amber a “layup” in one of the videos that MTV’s The Challenge released.

The show has shared all sorts of videos in addition to the teasers and original footage. Some of the exclusive videos feature cast members giving their insights on their co-stars or their attempts to win it all.

The recent video called Sizing Up The Competition has competitors commenting on their opposition in Double Agents and naming the biggest “layups,” or easy opponents to defeat, this season.

In the video (below), Tori Deal, Kaycee Clark, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley all name Amber M. as the female they think is a layup on this season.

Survivor star Natalie Anderson also lists every female in the cast except Lolo Jones when it comes to layups.

Former Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark said she feels Amber M. is maybe there for a “different reason” besides competing. Others mentioned her being so small in size and maybe not as tough to go against in an elimination.

Fessy says he’d go with Big T and Joseph in terms of a layup team in Double Agents. He never really said Amber M., though.

“I’m already hearing people are saying, ‘oh she’s small she looks weak,’ this and that. I can let them think that, but you know, I’m gonna prove them wrong, so,” Amber M says in the video about being considered a layup.

The 25-year-old Double Agents rookie arrives after appearing on Are You The One? which many competitors don’t believe helps so much with MTV’s competition show. However, there have also been comments suggesting that most Big Brother stars don’t do well on The Challenge.

In the past several seasons, viewers have seen former Big Brother stars Paulie Calafiore, Kaycee Clark, and Fessy Shafaat all make it to the final, but they’ve yet to win.

That said, Kyle Christie called out Fessy for not going into elimination against a rookie competitor in just the second episode, so it definitely has people questioning his competitive nature. Time will also tell how Amber M. fares if she goes into elimination.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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