The Challenge: Double Agents recap – Who went home tonight in the second elimination?

the challenge double agents season 36 episode 2 recap
Joseph Allen and Big T on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents returned with the second episode of the new season, featuring another tough daily challenge, more scheming and strategizing in the house, and finally, the first men’s elimination.

The episode opened with the first women’s elimination winner, Natalie Anderson, deciding whether to stick with Wes Bergmann as her partner. She could opt to trade for Chris “CT” Tamburello or another partner besides Fessy Shafaat. She chose to remain with Wes.

TJ Lavin informed CT he was a Rogue Agent now. That meant his partner would be decided based on the next elimination event.

Players compete in the Ice Spy challenge

The new challenge was called Ice Spy. Players had to swim out in glacier water to a boat and grab a heavy block of ice to bring back to shore. Next, they had to smash the ice block with an ice pick to free the “kill” inside and place it into any other enemy’s station. Once a team had three kills put into their station, they were eliminated from the day’s challenge.

The goal was to be the last team standing in this challenge. CT had no partner, so he couldn’t play but got to sit back and watch what everyone else did.

At first, everyone ganged up and put their kills into Wes and Natalie’s station, so they were first out. Kyle and Nany were eliminated early. At one point, Mechie Harris needed a medic because he couldn’t move his arms or legs in the ice-cold water.

One trend became nobody putting any kills into Fessy and Aneesa’s station. In a confessional interview, Devin Walker said everyone seemed to be playing a scared game. Aneesa and Fessy won it since nobody put any kills into their station. That’s two in a row for them in challenge wins.

Elimination voting goes down

Rookie Joseph Allen talked to several of the guys saying he would volunteer to go into elimination if Wes got sent in again. Meanwhile, Wes tried to plead his case to Fessy, Cory, and Nelson to keep him around to help them. CT also talked to them about wanting a decent female partner after the elimination dust settles.

During the cast’s night of partying at their club, Nany talked to Fessy about possibly choosing him as her partner when she could because she doesn’t want to be Kyle’s teammate. Elsewhere in the house, Lolo had some interest in her partner Nam Vo and continued to flirt with him.

Devin and Kyle came up with a plan to get the house vote to go towards Big T and Joseph, so he would lose in the men’s elimination. Then CT would get Big T as his new partner.

Big T tried to talk to Joseph about not volunteering to go against Wes, but they argued over it. In her confessional interview, Big T mentioned that it might be time for a divorce and decided to convince others to vote for them for elimination.

Joseph spoke up during the house meeting about wanting to go against Wes in elimination. He suggested everyone send Wes in for the house vote. Joseph said then Aneesa and Fessy could put him in. Wes and Natalie suggested Joseph should be house vote since he was there calling someone out.

As votes went in, they were mixed, with some going towards Wes and Natalie and others towards Big T and Joseph. After everyone voted, Kyle and Tori went to talk to Aneesa and Fessy. Kyle lied to them, saying he voted for Wes and Natalie.

Aneesa and Fessy got to see how all the votes went. They were surprised at how Big T and Joseph were the majority vote and saw that Kyle lied. They plotted to make a deal with Wes maybe and throw Kyle or another rookie into the elimination.

Who went home at The Crater elimination?

Everyone joined TJ Lavin at The Crater elimination site for the second elimination of Double Agents. This time it would be a men’s elimination. Big T and Joseph joined TJ down on the grounds.

TJ called out Aneesa and Fessy for not coming down to earn their Gold Skull despite having won the first two challenges. Instead, they sent in Kyle and Nany for the elimination.

Kyle and Joseph went head-to-head in a match where they each grabbed onto a ring. The goal was to wrestle it away from their opponent and place it on one of the three poles at the other side of the circle they were inside. The first player to do that twice would win.

The first round was a fight but went to Kyle as he dragged Joseph across the ground and eventually got the ring on a pole. Kyle won in the second round, sending the rookie Joseph home. Kyle got to decide if he would stay with Nany or choose another partner.

He shook things up in a major way as Kyle swapped partners with Josh and teamed up with Kam. Josh got to decide if he wanted to partner with Big T or Nany. He chose Nany as his partner. CT and Big T hugged it out as new partners.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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