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Wes Bergmann reveals which Challenge veteran asked to be his “No. 2” ahead of Double Agents

wes bergmann reveals challenge veteran asked to be his no 2 for double agents
Wes spoke about which Challenge vet wanted his protection help on Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Heading into The Challenge: Double Agents, none of the players knew exactly what to expect from the latest season, as the rules weren’t really defined until the first challenge had ended and it was time to vote.

That said, some players go into the game with alliances ahead of the show, based on real-life friendships or social media discussions.

During a recent live video session, two-time champion Wes Bergmann revealed that another of the veteran players from The Challenge contacted him ahead of the show asking to be his “No. 2” on Double Agents.

Wes gives exclusive details during a live chat

With The Challenge: Double Agents, players had to scramble to choose their partners after the first day’s challenge. Everyone eventually partnered up. As it came time to vote, some players already had their “No. 1,” “No. 2,” “No. 3,” and so forth in terms of players who they would work with to help by not saying their name or whatnot.

In a live video chat session online, Wes Bergmann and fellow Challenge star Jay Starrett discussed what went down ahead of Double Agents. During their chat, Wes brought up how Leroy Garrett talked to him before doing the show.

“It was Leroy,” Wes tells Jay in the video. “So Leroy is basically in the pursuit of doing whatever it takes to win.”

“So Leroy was your number two?” Jay asks to make sure.

“Leroy was my number two,” Wes confirms. After that, Jay joked with Wes about not being his number two, to which Wes said he never asked.

Basically, Wes suggests that Leroy wanted Wes’ assurance he wouldn’t be saying his name or voting for him when it came time to make elimination decisions during the game. Of course, being “number two” means Wes had someone else to protect ahead of Leroy.


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Heading into Double Agents, Wes’ number one protected player in an alliance appears to be his friend Devin Walker, so that could be something to keep an eye on this season.

Devin is teamed up with Nicole Zanatta as the premiere episode unfolds. Of course, a Challenge twist can allow competitors to switch up their partners if they choose to.

Wes says he would’ve won a Skull

In another part of the video chat, Wes talked about how Double Agents players made a mistake very early on how they voted in veterans. He said it would’ve made more sense to send in some rookies until everyone knew how all the rules worked.

He also believes he would’ve defeated Chris “CT” Tamburello had it been a men’s elimination instead of a women’s event on Double Agents’ premiere episode.

“When I saw what it was, it looked like my chance to get a Red Skull, but in the grand scheme of things, it was just great to watch their plan get f****d up,” Wes says.

The plan was messed up since it wasn’t Wes vs. CT in the elimination like Killa Kam Williams and other players had hoped. Kam and others were hoping they’d get rid of at least one or more former Challenge champions.

The first elimination involved the two women, Ashley Mitchell and Natalie Anderson, being bound by their wrists and ankles hanging from horizontal poles. The objective was to move to one end and back to the other by swinging one’s bodyweight.

That even may have favored a more agile Wes, although CT is in much better shape than he was in other recent seasons. Wes also likes to talk a big game, though. He was eliminated by his first-time ally Johnny Bananas on Total Madness after boldly sending himself in to face him to try to earn a Red Skull.

As of right now, it’s unknown if Wes and CT will go into elimination against each other, but it would certainly be another great matchup to watch. That said, Wes and other players will now know how to work the rules in their favor as the episodes arrive, possibly turning the tables on their opponents.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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