The Challenge 36 Episode 5 teaser clip features blowups within Double Agents alliance

the challenge 36 episode 5 teaser clip features potential blowups in double agents alliance
The Challenge: Double Agents stars Cory Wharton and Natalie Anderson at the elimination site. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 5 will likely include some more drama in the house involving a major alliance.

After the previous episode’s surprising turn of events, including a guy’s elimination pitting friends and alliance members against each other, things could get quite heated.

The latest teaser clip has dropped, and once again, at least one particular cast member is involved in the drama within the house.

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Keep in mind spoilers may follow for those viewers who haven’t seen the first four episodes of the season.

Fallout from Double Agents elimination arrives

It appears that the early part of Double Agents’ fifth episode will include several arguments amongst alliance members and possibly friendships ruined.

Cory Wharton, a good friend of Nelson Thomas, confronts Fessy Shafaat in part of the newest teaser clip, questioning why he would go in against someone he claims is a friend.

Josh Martinez, who is said to be part of a Big Brother alliance with Fessy, also gets into it with Fessy. Josh basically confronts Fessy for taking away an opportunity he wanted to go into elimination and earn a Gold Skull.

In the clip, other Double Agents castmates are seen watching or observing from nearby, including Devin Walker, Tori Deal, and CT Tamburello.


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The clip closes out with Fessy’s new Double Agents partner, Kaycee Clark, in a confessional interview. Kaycee explains that she needs Fessy to fix the situation that he’s created now. Fans will have to see how that plays out.

Based on the Episode 5 summary, there will also be an agent “unexpectedly deactivated,” and host TJ Lavin will institute a “shocking security breach,” which will stir up the Double Agents partnerships.

Is there bad blood between Fessy and Cory?

The above teaser clip seems to reveal that Cory is upset over what went down in the last elimination. During that part of Episode 4, Cory’s friend Nelson was voted in by the house, and then Fessy took the opportunity to volunteer to compete against him.

Based on Nelson’s comments, Fessy knew of a dislocated finger injury he had going into elimination and also was “playing dirty” in their Hall Brawl.

Fessy claimed the win and earned himself a Gold Skull. However, Nelson was sent home. He also refused a hug that Fessy offered after their elimination event.

Nelson would continue to mention in comments after the episode aired that he and Fessy have not spoken since the Double Agents elimination, beyond a text message that Fessy sent on his birthday. While Nelson said Fessy offered an apology in that text, Nelson said he didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, Cory Wharton shared a photo on Instagram of him, Nelson, and Fessy standing next to each other wearing their Challenge gear.

“Why can’t we be friends?” was in Cory’s caption, along with snake emojis, drawing Fessy into the recent IG post’s comments too.

All of that seems to indicate a broken friendship and alliance amongst the three Challenge stars who seemingly bonded during Fessy’s rookie season, Total Madness. Time will tell if they all get on the same page or if Cory and Nelson are less likely to include Fessy in their circle again.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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