The Challenge 36: Fessy Shafaat reacts to competitor’s injury claims after Double Agents elimination

fessy shafaat reacts to competitors injury claims after double agents elimination
Fessy Shafaat is responding to recent injury claims a competitor made after The Challenge: Double Agents elimination. Pic credit: MTV

Injuries have been a theme lately on The Challenge: Double Agents, with several competitors knocked out of the game due to getting banged up.

Two female competitors were sent home after suffering serious arm or shoulder injuries during the same daily mission on the fourth episode.

However, another competitor revealed they suffered an injury during that same mission, ahead of the Double Agents elimination. Now, Fessy Shafaat is firing back at those claims with his recent social media post.

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Recent elimination featured injured competitor

The elimination for Double Agents Episode 4 was the all-time classic, Hall Brawl. It features a narrow hall created by two solid pieces of plexiglass. A competitor starts on each side of the hall, and when TJ blows the horn, they run full speed at one another. The objective is to get past your opponent and be the first to press a buzzer on the other side.

Amber M and Nelson Thomas were sent in by the majority house vote, but it was a guy’s elimination. The Double Agents were Tori Deal and Devin Walker, so they both voted to send in Fessy. He asked Tori and Devin as soon as they got to the elimination site to be sent in so he could earn a Gold Skull.

Meanwhile, something that was revealed during recent podcasts and aftershow interviews was that Nelson had dislocated his finger in the daily mission in Episode 3. That was when competitors were wrestling on top of a speeding truck. Nelson was matched up against Leroy and suffered the injury there but said he kept it secret because he didn’t want to be sent home.

He said it was so bad he couldn’t make a fist and only told friends Cory Wharton and Fessy about the injury. Once he got to elimination, production was asking Nelson if he wanted to forfeit. He declined and then went into elimination, ultimately falling in two rounds to Fessy.

Fessy vs. Nelson's DIRTY Hall Brawl Elimination | The Challenge: Double Agents

Viewers also saw that during Nelson and Fessy’s battle in Hall Brawl, there was some dirty play, including Nelson getting slammed or smashed into the ground and a helmet visor being torn off. TJ also warned them no more dirty play after the first round.

Fessy reacts with injury post on social media

Following the recent episode, Fessy has been getting a lot of heat for some of the things that went down, and that recent injury revelation added fuel to the fire for some fans.

He initially shared an Instagram post to let haters know he isn’t paying attention to comments. However, it seems he has been hearing or reading about some things, such as Nelson’s comments about being injured.

On Saturday, Fessy took to his Instagram Story to give fans a look at some of the lingering injuries he took into the Hall Brawl battle. The post included the song Creme by Jack Harlow with Fessy writing “Everyone Has Injuries…Next Excuse” over the video clip.

In the clip, Fessy shows he’s able to bend his pinky finger to the side and also reveals a shoulder issue he still has, possibly from his days of playing football. Fessy is a former Division I football player who played with the Chattanooga Mocs from 2011 through 2014.

Check out Fessy’s recent video clip below, as shared by a fan account based on The Challenge.


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It’s worth noting that the college football website listed Faysal Shafaat as a senior at 6-foot-5 and 250 lbs. Nelson mentioned in comments after the Double Agents episode aired that Fessy outweighed him by about 40 lbs.

In addition to his IG posts, Fessy also recently appeared on Challenge Mania Podcast to give his thoughts after the latest episode, so he likely has plenty to say about everything that went down. That not only includes his situation with Nelson but possibly his side of the story as far as his relationship goes with ex-girlfriend Haleigh Broucher and various cheating rumors.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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