The Challenge fans react to Fessy Shafaat after Double Agents Episode 4 events

the challenge fans react to fessy shafaat after double agents episode 4
Fessy Shafaat at The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

The fourth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents featured former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat making some surprising moves in the game, some of which irritated competitors and fans.

One of those involved what went down at the latest elimination event, including the surprise of which competitor was sent in by the Double Agents power couple.

That competitor also surprised his own partner with some of the events during the episode. However, based on a recent social media post, he isn’t concerned with any hate he might be getting now that the episode aired.

Episode 4 featured surprising elimination matchup

During Episode 4 of Double Agents, viewers watched as most of the house voted to send Nelson Thomas and Amber M into elimination. Based on the way things were looking, the Double Agents Tori Deal and Devin Walker were going to send in Josh Martinez.

However, all of the competitors saw that the elimination event was a Hall Brawl as they got to The Crater site, and that’s when Fessy asked Tori and Devin to send him in so he could get his Gold Skull.

Nelson wasn’t expecting them to say Fessy, though, since he thought it would be Josh against him. So once Fessy’s name was called out, it surprised Nelson.

He also didn’t like how Fessy played dirty in Hall Brawl, as Nelson revealed he had a dislocated finger that he told Cory Wharton and Nelson about. He suffered that injury in the prior episode during the mission on a Mack truck.


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That was just one part of what Fessy was doing in Episode 4. Once he won the elimination, he also traded his partner Aneesa Ferreira for his Big Brother pal Kaycee Clark.

Also, earlier in the episode, Fessy was shown flirting with castmate Gabby Allen. That seemed to cause speculation he was cheating on his rumored girlfriend back home, Haleigh Broucher, who Fessy originally met on Big Brother 20. However, viewers may have to wait to see more episodes to find out more about that story.

Fessy shares on IG he isn’t looking at comments

According to Fessy, he’s completely ignoring all the haters online following what went down in Double Agents Episode 4.

After the latest episode aired, he posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram and let everyone know where he was at following the latest drama.

His caption simply read, “I know they hating on me but I don’t read comments.” That prompted reactions from fellow stars of The Challenge and fans weighing in on what went down.


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Two of Fessy’s Double Agents castmates chimed in, as did The Challenge G.O.A.T., Johnny Bananas.

“My brotha,” commented fellow Challenge and Big Brother star Josh Martinez.

“I did…They’re not good,” seven-time Challenge winner Bananas commented.

“But if you don’t read the comments how are you supposed to know when someone like me says something hilarious in them?” Wes Bergmann asked.

“Uhhh I know its just a game but that was still messed up ?,” one fan commented with regards to Fessy taking out Nelson for a Gold Skull.

“Yup Fessy you shouldn’t have gone against your friend. Like should have let a rookie go and Nelson could have still been in the game. I think everyone will want to get you out of this game eventually,” another fan said in the IG post’s comments.

“And just like that Fessy becomes one of the biggest villains in challenge history,” someone else said with regards to his Episode 4 actions.

“Was a fan of fessy since BB but what I saw tonight made me sad and sick to my stomach!” another comment said, showing that more than a few fans weren’t pleased with what they saw.

Nelson said Fessy offered an apology

Based on what Nelson Thomas has said in his post-episode comments, he hasn’t spoken with Fessy since everything that went down on the show. Basically, Nelson felt they were boys and loyal to one another, but that’s not what Fessy showed him during Double Agents.

He shared that Fessy texted him an apology about a month after the show and wished him a Happy Birthday. However, Nelson said he didn’t respond because he was continuing to process all the emotions of what happened.

Meanwhile, not only did Fessy share that above IG post about not reading comments, but he also revealed he had some things to say on his Patreon about what went down, so stay tuned for that.

fessy shares he has things to reveal on patreon
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