The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Double Agents episodes to feature big elimination, ‘shocking security breach’

the challenge season 36 spoilers plot summaries indicate big elimination agent deactivated
Competitors await TJ Lavin’s instructions on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Some interesting twists and turns seem to be on the way for the upcoming episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents as partnerships will be tested, and one agent will get “deactivated.”

After a week off ahead of the new year, the show will be back and looks to hold some major drama and surprises in the next few installments.

Based on summaries for the upcoming episodes, some potential Season 36 spoilers arrive featuring the various competitors.

The Challenge Season 36 Episodes 4 and 5 on the way

On Wednesday, December 30, Double Agents didn’t air, as there was a break during the holiday week. Plenty of fans were hungry for more, though.

Luckily, the show is back on Wednesday, January 6, with a brand new episode. Episode 4 will be called Duplicity. The episode after that will be called Skyfall, a nod to the James Bond film.

An Instagram fan account based on MTV’s The Challenge shared a recent post with the upcoming episode summaries.

In the upcoming Episode 4, it appears that one of the new partnerships will be under the spotlight. That very well could refer to Devin Walker and Tori Deal. It could also refer to the team of Kyle Christie and Kam Williams.

It also refers to a “stunning battle in the crater” that “causes ripples that will impact numerous agents.” Most likely, that battle will be a female elimination, but as viewers have seen, anything is possible.


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In addition to the above plot summaries, MTV’s The Challenge Instagram posted a new teaser clip for Episode 4. It shows a bit of the upcoming mission that the agents will be competing in that is referenced in the summary.

A few interesting sound bites come in that teaser, including Fessy saying, “the line in the sand has been drawn. Might as well burn the whole house down.”

“All kinds of shady. Love it,” Tula “Big T” Fazakerley comments.

Also, shown in the clip (below), the next elimination looks like it’s going to be a banger, as Hall Brawl is on the way!


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The summary for Episode 5 is interesting because it mentions an agent getting “unexpectedly deactivated.” That could potentially refer to a fight taking place inside The Challenge house or during an event. It could also refer to someone cheating or doing something else that is deemed inappropriate. More than likely, someone is going to get kicked off the show.

There’s also mention that host TJ Lavin will institute a “shocking security breach,” which will shake up partnerships. Is it possible he’ll introduce another new twist into the game?

Lastly, the summary indicates that a team of strong rookies will align. The rookies have already shown they have no qualms with stepping up to get rid of veterans, so what could be next? Some of the strong new rookies seem to be Nam Vo, Lio Rush, and Natalie Anderson.

Episode 3 featured a new partnership, two Rogue Agents

In the third episode of Double Agents, plenty was going on. Kyle Christie called Fessy Shafaat a p***y several times after winning elimination, including in front of a group of guys in The Challenge house.

That came after Fessy called out Kyle for lying to him earlier by saying he voted to send Wes Bergmann into elimination. Fessy and Aneesa then sent Kyle in for being shady. However, Kyle defeated Joseph Allen and chose to take Kam Williams as his partner, leaving Josh Martinez to team up with Nany Gonzalez.

Wes ended up being sent into elimination in the third episode thanks to the Double Agents power team of Kaycee Clark and friend Leroy Garrett. The house vote went to Devin Walker, who was able to defeat his friend Wes and send him home.

After winning, Devin chose to steal Tori Deal as his partner, which left Cory Wharton as a Rogue Agent. Wes’s partner Natalie Anderson also seems to be a Rogue Agent heading into the fourth episode.

As seen previously, CT Tamburello was a Rogue Agent after losing his partner Ashley Mitchell in Episode 1. He had to sit out the daily challenge in Episode 2 and choose his partner after the elimination. CT ended up with Big T and was delighted by the news.

That seems to indicate that both Cory and Natalie will be unable to compete in the fourth episode’s daily challenge, although it also appears that anything’s possible on Double Agents.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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