The Challenge’s Devin Walker comments on Johnny Bananas rivarly and if he’d ever team up with him

devin walker comments on bananas rivalry and if he'd team up with him
Devin Walker on The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Double Agents, competitor Devin Walker is making his fifth appearance on the reality competition series, and so far, he’s made quite an impact.

Over his multiple seasons, he’s also become known for his banter with other castmates, including Johnny Bananas, who seemed to become a major enemy or rival for Devin.

The two had confrontations on The Challenge and during a reunion show, but based on recent comments from Devin himself, he wishes things hadn’t gone the way they had.

In addition to commenting on that rivalry situation, he also discussed whether he would ever consider teaming up with Bananas and who his biggest friends from The Challenge are.

Devin talks about Bananas rivalry, teaming up

Before making his debut on The Challenge, Devin Walker appeared on Are You The One? 3 alongside castmates, including Nelson Thomas, Hunter Barfield, Britni Thornton, Amanda Garcia, and Cheyenne Floyd. All of them have done at least one season of The Challenge.

So did AYTO? 1 star Brittany Bardi (Baldassari). She spoke with her friend Devin on The BosBabes podcast episode, which arrived in late December. Their conversation originally took place ahead of the Double Agents season and touched upon some interesting topics, including the brewery Devin is part-owner of and holistic medicine.


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The big topic of The Challenge came up, along with seven-time winner, Johnny Bananas.

At one point, Brittany asked Devin a fan’s question of whether he’d ever team up with Bananas to advance in the game, similar to what Wes Bergmann did on Total Madness.

“The truth is, I don’t have any ill will towards him,” Devin admitted, despite their on-screen rivalry over the various seasons.

“If it was gonna make it so I could win a million dollars, there really isn’t anyone that I wouldn’t team up with outside of like the real obvious ones,” Devin said, making a joke about how he wouldn’t team up with someone vile that’s never been on the show.

“But like Johnny? Of course, that’s kind of like a no-brainer to me,” Devin said. “But I will say that I wish that I had not made it seem like it was so important to me because it isn’t. Like, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I don’t really care, but that’s not how it came out.”

Devin put his name in The Challenge history books when he defeated Bananas in an elimination event on Vendettas. Their rivalry continued. There was even an on-stage confrontation with Devin going up to Bananas at a reunion show.

However, during a previous live video that Devin did, he called the situation between him and Bananas on Final Reckoning “embarrassing” for himself.

Devin went on to say he wishes he hadn’t made such a big deal about the whole thing with Bananas because now he gets asked about it all the time. He admitted he understands why he gets asked, though.

“He’s one of the biggest names. I’m friends with Wes. I don’t like Johnny, and then like, who’s left? CT? It’s like I would never f**k with CT, like you’ve gotta be a moron to f**k with him,” Devin said.

“I’m Team Wes, not team Johnny, but honestly, I’m ‘Team Get Me a W’ at any cost.” The Challenge star added.

Devin names favorite friends from The Challenge, AYTO?

Devin and Wes Bergmann’s friendship has been showcased on several seasons of the show, including the recent Double Agents season. So, most fans are well aware that those two are tight.

Brittany asked Devin to talk about some of the other friends he’s gained from his reality TV appearances. He had quite a few to mention too.

“The first kind of friend I had outside of Wes from reality TV, I’d probably go with Tony [Raines] on Rivals III. Me and Tony were eventually thick as thieves. He didn’t quite know what to make of me at first, but I feel like I won him over through, you know, 12-ounce therapy,” he said.

“I love Amanda [Garcia]. Amanda just had a kid. She’s getting married. She’s very controversial. I f**king love Amanda. I think she’s great. She was an original Are You The One? We’ve done three Challenges together. I’ve got a lot of love for her,” Devin said, adding, “the list goes on.”


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He named the guys from Team Young Buck on The Challenge, including Cory Wharton, Hunter, and Nelson, as well as AYTO and Challenge star Cheyenne.

Also, Devin said he loves a lot of the UK guys, including Joss Mooney, and Kyle Christie, who he said is “hilarious.”

Podcast host Brittany mentioned several times that she’d love to go back on The Challenge as she won three out of four eliminations on Battle of the Exes II. She also suggested they pitch a season where there are teams of competitors based on where they’re from.

The Boston area team could feature her, Devin, CT, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Johnny Reilly. That certainly would be one tough squad to take down in any event.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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