The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann defends Double Agents castmate from online troll

the challenge star wes bergmann defends double agents castmate from online troll
The Challenge star Wes Bergmann recently stood up for a Double Agents castmate against an online troll. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Double Agents episodes have gone forth, there have been plenty of fans voicing their opinions about their favorite and not-so-favorite competitors.

Just like they do with sports stars and other celebrities, trolls also come out to make mean-spirited comments about some of The Challenge stars.

Recently, Wes Bergmann defended one of his castmates from an online troll who tried to bash her. It seems to show that despite Wes’ on-air and off-air comments, he still supports his fellow competitors.

Wes defends Double Agents castmate from troll’s comments

Love or hate Weston Bergmann, the guy still makes many respectable moves, including his recent defense of Double Agents star “Killa” Kam Williams.

An online troll questioned Kam’s level of intelligence in a comment, suggesting they didn’t know where Kam went to school or if she even did.

“Right! She’s a total f*****n idiot. Idk where she went to school or ‘IF’ she went to school but she talks like a stupid, ignorant, ghetto immigrant. Wes didn’t get outsmarted, he got out-competed, by Devin,” the troll commented.

The comment didn’t sit well with most people, including Wes, who posted a reply to what the person said.

“Don’t ever speak this way about some on The Challenge, or anyone for that matter. Do better. PS I’d bet anything you want that she’s smarter & more educated than you,” Wes replied.

A fan account for The Challenge on Instagram captured the comments with a screenshot (below).

As seen above, Kam Williams gave Wes’ comment a Like, so it appears she’s aware of his supportive words about her.

Some fans may find this ironic considering the early story on Double Agents, but it shows what a stand-up guy Wes can be.

Kam worked her Double Agents strategy early

One of the big themes early on in The Challenge: Double Agents was another plan hatched by Kam to get rid of all the former winners currently on the show. She spoke about her idea with Aneesa Ferreira as she was part of the first day’s Double Agents power team with Fessy Shafaat.

They attempted to pit two teams with former champions against each other in just the first episode. The house majority vote sent former champs CT Tamubrello and Ashley Mitchell into elimination. Aneesa and Fessy sent in former champion Wes and Survivor winner Natalie Anderson.

Wes’s rookie teammate, Natalie, then eliminated Ashley. Wes avoided elimination in that first episode, although it would have been him against former Challenge partner CT if there was a guys’ elimination.

However, in the third episode, it was Wes’s turn to go in. The two-time champ was sent in by his friend Leroy Garrett, who, along with Kaycee Clark, formed that day’s Double Agents. They had the power to send in any team they chose. Before that, Wes had tried his best to make a case to Leroy and Kam in an attempt to get on the same page.

In the end, Wes was eliminated by his friend Devin Walker. Following his elimination, he talked about being taken by surprise and hurt by Leroy’s decision. Many fans believe Leroy was listening to his girlfriend Kam instead of being loyal to a longtime friend.


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Wes has continued to emphasize why it hurt him that a friend he’s known for 15 years would choose to send him into elimination. He’s appeared on his own live video streams, commented on social media, and discussed the situation in a recent Challenge Mania Podcast episode.

However, at the end of the day, it appears Wes will stand up for his castmates. That includes Leroy’s girlfriend, Kam, and most likely Leroy, should trolls make mean-spirited comments.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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