The Challenge’s Cory Wharton comments about friendship with Nelson Thomas and Fessy Shafaat

the challenge cory wharton comments on nelson and fessy friendship
Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: @corywharton_ig/Instagram

After the fourth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, it seemed as if Fessy Shafaat had potentially broken up a solid friendship that formed last season.

That friendship was with the former Big Brother star and his new Challenge castmates, Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton.

Both guys have now commented about the situation with Fessy, with Cory recently sharing some thoughts on social media, which brought a reply from Fessy.

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Cory Wharton shares interesting friendship post

Cory has been known to be good friends with Nelson Thomas for a while now, and they brought Fessy into their circle as of last season’s Total Madness.

However, in Episode 4 of the latest season, Fessy convinced the Double Agents power team, Devin Walker and Tori Deal, to send him into elimination against his friend and ally, Nelson. Based on comments after the episode from Nelson, he went into that elimination with a dislocated finger, which Cory and Fessy both knew about.

Production apparently asked Nelson if he wanted to forfeit, and he told them no, so he chose to go into elimination with the injury.

Fessy, a former college football player, “played dirty” during their Hall Brawl elimination too, and Nelson ultimately lost, while Fessy earned a Gold Skull. Nelson pushed Fessy away when he offered a hug afterward.

Based on other comments from Nelson, he hasn’t spoken with Fessy since that happened. He indicated Fessy sent him a text message on his birthday, about a month later, and apologized then. However, Nelson said he didn’t respond to it.

Meanwhile, it appears Cory Wharton is part of this broken friendship or alliance, but it’s unknown where he stands exactly.

He recently posted a photo of himself standing next to Nelson and Fessy on Instagram with the caption, “Why can’t we be friends ???? Why can’t we be friends ! ? ???.”

Cory also posted the image in his IG Story with the song Why Can’t We Be Friends by War playing.


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A post shared by Cory Wharton (@corywharton_ig)

Nelson mentioned that Fessy was becoming like a new member of Team Young Buck, aka TYB, the alliance originally formed with himself, Cory, and Hunter Barfield. However, that appears to have been shattered.

During The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath episode, Cory shared his thoughts on what Fessy did.

“This is definitely messy. I think he was upset that people called him wallpaper last season, so he felt that this season he needed to start it with a bang,” Cory said.

“We’ve all played The Challenge different ways, and I think Fessy’s way was he’s going to play this game for himself this season,” he commented.

“I’m anxious to see how this plays out in the future. Like I told Fessy, this is going to have long-term effects,” Cory added.

Castmates, including Fessy, comment on Cory’s IG post

Cory Wharton’s IG post brought in comments from fellow stars of The Challenge. That included fellow Team Young Buck (TYB) member Hunter Barfield, who isn’t part of this season of the show.

“Tried to expand tyb without my acceptance… it’s JUST US 3,” Hunter wrote in his comment, referring to their alliance.

Double Agents castmate Devin Walker posted a fire emoji in front of “Location Tag” for his comment, probably referring to the Snake emojis in Cory’s post.

Fessy’s Big Brother ally, Josh Martinez, simply commented, “Bruh.”

However, Fessy himself also appeared in the IG comments to say, “You know how to keep your engagement up I’ll give you that ?.”

cory wharton ig post comments fessy and hunter
Pic credit: @corywharton_ig/Instagram

Cory’s post arrives not long after Fessy went on his Instagram Story to post a video showing his body issues or injuries he took into the Hall Brawl elimination. The video appeared to be a reaction to Nelson revealing during after-episode comments that he went into Hall Brawl with a dislocated finger.

Based on the teaser for next week’s episode, Cory will confront Fessy over what went down, so it should be interesting to see if they work things out or if Cory potentially targets Fessy.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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