The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 6 trailer reveals Lolo and Theresa Jones drama

the challenge double agents episode 6 trailer theresa lolo jones drama
Lolo Jones and Theresa Jones have a heated discussion on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Each episode of The Challenge: Double Agents has seemed to include some sort of argument amongst cast members, and it appears Episode 6 will be no different.

After the fourth episode included a blowup involving Cory Wharton, Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez, the sixth episode may feature some drama involving Theresa Jones.

She’s been relatively quiet in the house up until now, and it appears a few players may be on to her sneaky ways in the house.

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Theresa Jones under spotlight in Episode 6 trailer

While Theresa Jones is currently at home celebrating another pregnancy with her husband, T.J. Jones, she may be featured in some drama during the airing of Double Agents Episode 6.

The recent trailer released ahead of the episode seems to begin with Nany Gonzalez’s voice saying, “Theresa, she’s been playing this game really dirty.”

From there, the trailer shows Aneesa talking with Theresa in a bedroom, followed by a scene where Lolo Jones gets into it with Theresa in the kitchen.

While Lolo and Theresa both have the last name Jones, they aren’t related. It’s unknown what prompted their argument in Episode 6 unless Theresa’s trying to get Lolo on her side and she’s not buying it.

“You play a different way,” Lolo says to Theresa in the kitchen area.

“No, I don’t play a different way,” Theresa replies. Lolo tells her not to cut her off and says she’ll give her an attitude if she wants one.

That draws a puzzled look from the veteran star of The Challenge as she processes what Lolo is talking about.


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In Double Agents Episode 5, Theresa helped the rookie girls and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley sway the house votes towards Aneesa Ferreira so she’d go in against friend Tori Deal. Aneesa didn’t know that Theresa had done so until she saw the episode last week.

Theresa had also been comforting Aneesa during the episode about possibly having to go into elimination. In her confessional interview, Theresa said she was trying to keep her veteran and rookie friends there all happy.

Some may call it “dirty” or sneaky or shady, but just like many fans have said about Fessy Shafaat, making moves is all part of trying to win a game with big prize money at stake.

Competitors will be part of a ‘mini-final’

A few episodes ago, competitors had to try to fly a drone around in underground tunnels to capture a code and solve a puzzle. Only one team actually completed it. The mission was a far cry from the tough physical events that fans of The Challenge have come to love.

Episode 6 brings a mission that should test the competitors’ physical endurance and strength. Based on the trailer clip, it will be like a “mini-final,” as host TJ Lavin informs them it involves a five-mile run.

Part of the trailer shows competitors carrying a heavy pole or log through water, so it looks to be a grueling event that will measure everyone’s abilities.

In fact, at least one competitor is heard saying they went the wrong way, so it should be interesting to see which team emerges as the winners for this one.

Last week saw a female elimination with Aneesa defeating Tori. Unless there’s some sort of injury or twist, Episode 6 could feature another guy’s elimination, making for the fourth of the season.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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