The Challenge Season 36: Episode 10 mission preview features competitors sabotaging other teams’ chances to win

the challenge rookies nam vo and lolo jones ready in episode 10 mission
The Challenge rookies Nam Vo and Lolo Jones at the start line for a Double Agents mission. Pic credit: MTV

A brand new mission called Operation: Black Sand Ops will be part of The Challenge: Double Agents in Episode 10 and features competitors in a race to assemble pieces of a totem.

However, it also involves digging in the sand at various locations to try to uncover the color-coded pieces of the totem. With that in mind, some teams work to help their allies, and others do their best to bury other teams’ chances at winning.

That includes the Big Brother alliance and Devin Walker, who remain at odds as The Challenge Season 36 continues. Based on the new preview, that theme continues in the latest mission.

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Operation: Black Sand Ops preview arrives

In a new Episode 10 teaser clip, competitors were talking strategy, including Devin Walker talking to Chris “CT” Tamburello about sending Josh Martinez into elimination so CT can take his Gold Skull from him.

Devin wants to break up and get rid of members of the Big Brother alliance in the house. However, another clip arrived that previews the episode’s Operation: Black Sand Ops mission and those BB competitors are going to make it tougher for Devin to win.

Teammates are working together in this one, rather than in separate heats. They need to rush to various flaming torches in the sand and dig to find puzzle pieces. However, each team has color-coded pieces they need to find. Once they do, they set them up at the end of the course to assemble a totem. The first team to assemble their totem wins.

As teams start digging, some find their allies’ puzzle pieces and help them out. That includes Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark giving an assist to Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez by handing them a puzzle piece.

Meanwhile, as Josh and Nany find a puzzle piece that belongs to Devin and Gabby Allen, they hide it back under the sand and bury it some more. Aneesa Ferreira also reveals that she’s not going to help Devin either because he may throw her and her partner Fessy into elimination.

Check out the preview of the mission below, which also includes a hilarious comment from Darrell Taylor about he and his teammate’s struggles.

What is the Gold Skull situation for Episode 10?

Host TJ Lavin has informed competitors a few times that they’ll need a Gold Skull to be eligible to run in his final. He also revealed that anyone without a Gold Skull can try to take it from someone who has one. They’d do that in an elimination.

As the competitors try to win the daily mission, several want to do so to give them control over getting their Gold Skulls. That includes the team of CT and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, as neither competitor has their Skull yet. The same goes for rookies Nam Vo and Lolo Jones, as well as Amber M and Cory Wharton.

Amber Borzotra and Darrell won the daily mission last week. Instead of Amber B. volunteering to face Theresa Jones for the Gold Skull, she sent her friend and ally, Kaycee Clark, down to get hers. So Darrell and Amber B. still need Skulls.

The five men with Gold Skulls heading into Episode 10 are Fessy, Josh, Kyle Christie, Leroy, and Devin. Kam Williams, Kaycee, and Aneesa have their Gold Skulls, leaving two for the ladies to fight for.

Meanwhile, competitors also have the option to go after someone who already has their Gold Skull, so the upcoming episodes should get quite interesting in terms of strategy.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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