The Challenge’s Theresa Jones says she’s not likely to appear on another season after Double Agents

theresa jones on the challenge double agents not likely to return
The Challenge veteran Theresa Jones said she isn’t likely to return after Season 36. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge Season 36, viewers saw several veteran stars return to the show, including Darrell Taylor and Theresa Jones.

Of the two competitors, Darrell has multiple wins on the longtime reality competition series, while Theresa returned in search of her first win.

With both stars returning, it begs the question of whether they’ll continue to appear on the show after The Challenge: Double Agents.

Sadly, it appears that Theresa Jones may have shut down any possibility of that happening for her in the future.

Theresa says she’s not likely to return to The Challenge

After a five-year hiatus from The Challenge, veteran Theresa Jones returned to be a part of the Double Agents cast, which was a welcome surprise for many fans.

It made for the 35-year-old wife and mother’s seventh appearance on the MTV reality competition series, and some hoped it might give her that first win.

It’s also brought up the question of whether she might have more appearances on The Challenge in her future. After all, some of her castmates or recent competitors were her age or older.

However, when a fan asked Theresa if she’ll do another season, she said that it’s not likely, due to having to get surgery.

“Sadly I have to have surgery later this year for a torn labrum in my hip that I hurt last March… been putting it off for sometime I can’t put off much longer.. so hoping to just be able to leisurely run by 2022- so that was a long version of a more n likely no,” The Challenge veteran revealed.

jaychallenge tweet1 screenshot
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Twitter

Theresa is also expecting her third child this year, as she recently shared the news on her Instagram while also showing off her baby bump. So it appears she’ll have a lot going on in 2021 and will need time to recover from giving birth and having surgery.

Unfortunately, it seems she will also need to hang up her Challenge gear, but it makes sense based on her situation.

Double Agents to feature more Theresa soon

One complaint some of The Challenge fans may have had so far with Season 36 is that Theresa Jones isn’t getting a lot of screen time. It appears that will change with the upcoming episode.

Based on the Episode 6 trailer, Theresa will have some spotlight due to competitors feeling that she’s playing a sneaky game. The trailer also reveals her apparently arguing with castmate Lolo Jones.

In the fifth episode, Theresa was present for some discussions with veteran competitors Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal, seeming to give them a friend to confide in. Meanwhile, she was also trying to keep her new rookie friends happy, based on comments Theresa gave in her confessional interview.

Based on her answer to the fan’s question about returning to do more of the show, it seems viewers will need to savor every Theresa moment they get on Double Agents or reminisce by watching her appearances on the older seasons.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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